Cllr Paul Ray and Cllr Ben Rayner

A Lib Dem councillor has been criticised for asking “random questions” at meetings.

Figures revealed by LichfieldLive showed Paul Ray had attended 69% of Lichfield District Council meetings since May 2016.

Cllr Ray defended his record, saying that “Quality is more important than quantity”.

He explained: “I’m not one of those councillors who just sits there during meetings. I read all the papers and speak at the meetings.”

But Cllr Ben Rayner, Conservative representative for Alrewas and Fradley, questioned Cllr Ray’s claims that he offered “quality” input to meetings.

Cllr Rayner told LichfieldLive that his Lib Dem counterpart had wasted time asking “random questions”.

Cllr Paul Ray and Cllr Ben Rayner

He said: “The questions he asked at a recent overview and scrutiny meeting had little to do with the reports we had to hand and he did not appear to understand the role of overview and scrutiny and what was in our remit.

“He wanted us to recommend planning conditions to the KFC application on Eastern Avenue – which we can’t do. He also raised issues for lack of speed signage along the bypass near the Hedgehog pub, whereas our discussion was on the community safety delivery plan about the priorities that we can input into, like child exploitation, domestic abuse etc.

“To be honest this isn’t the first time he has done this and asked quite frankly random questions that could be understood from simply reading reports, this unnecessarily wastes council officers time.”

Cllr Rayner, who has an 81% attendance record since May 2016, said it was important elected members weren’t judged on simply being at meetings – but added that being active was not a simple metric.

“It’s important to be clear that asking questions is not a measure of quality,” he said. “Quality comes from the correct questions being asked and scrutinised.

“Cllr Ray is similar to a very keen schoolchild. Sadly though, he keeps asking maths questions in the history lesson.”

Cllr Ray declined to respond to Cllr Rayner’s comments.

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  1. Wow I don’t know what they are putting in the tea at LDC at the moment, but in trying to make one councillor look bad, another one has made himself look like a Weasel, nice, just what we want from our councillors.

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