The launch of the Conservative manifesto

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Conservative candidates across Lichfield and Burntwood have joined their party’s manifesto launch ahead of the Staffordshire County Council elections. Patrick McLoughlin MP joined the local party to outline their vision for the future, promising to help grow the local economy.
The launch of the Conservative manifesto
Group leader Phillip Atkins said the Conservatives had led the council through tough economic times and said another four years would allow the party to continue with a “radical rethink” of the way health and care services are delivered. “We want to align more of our care services with health and at the same time we need to build the right capacity and capability to offer care where it is needed,” he said. “That is a massive challenge which will sit at the top of our priorities.” A number of issues are expected to be at the forefront of voters’ minds when they go to the polls on May 4. And Mr Atkins said his party’s decision to invest an extra £5million into roads also showed their commitment to improving the county. He said: “We know it’s a concern to residents and we think it is therefore essential that we raise additional capital through assets sales and borrowing to invest in our roads. “We want to try to get ahead of the problem so there will be an extra cash injection in highways. But we also want to see a marked improvement in the quality and common sense of simple maintenance tasks.”


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11 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood Conservatives help launch Staffordshire County Council election manifesto”

  1. Err… Actually they have increased Council Tax in the last two years (whilst cutting services to children, youths, the elderly) up to the maximum they are allowed without holding a referendum. This means they are happy with the cuts or didn’t ant to charge more. Which is it?

  2. As I wrote the other day, it displays a shocking level of arrogrance amongst these Conservative councillors to be stood in front of that sign when they voted to increase council tax by 3.95% just a few months ago.

    The Conservatives are simulteneously voting through cuts to essential public services. Staffordshire schools, including those in Lichfield, are expected to lose over £39 MILLION by 2019 – the equivalent of 1,055 teachers taken out of our class when pupil numbers are rising.

  3. Their commitment to improving the road infrastructure!! Don’t make me laugh The HGVs run amok through roads not they are not suppose to use and they show their total disregard for the residents quality of life by not doing anything about it

  4. Hope this is an honest document and tell us all that you plan to close and the services you plan to cut.

    You accused those running the save the library, of misleading people.

    Hope there is honesty and not just a positive spin on everything.

  5. Incredible how they can claim this whilst putting up our taxes by the maximum allowed. At the same time cutting essential public services. Astounding that they think the electorate are really that stupid. Their campaign slogan should be “Pay more get less”. At least that would be honest.

  6. Maximum Council tax rise without a referendum, Tip Tax, Brown Bin Tax!!! Spending more money on Pot Hole compensation, rather than repairing the roads, Tories don’t make sense!

  7. austerity, raised council tax ,bin tax all,but councillors got a raise ,were being conned anything but conservative putty lord surcharge isn’t still around even that would make more sense ,time for a change ,several people have recently expressed an intterest in forming a Lichfield independent group of local people who have had enough of party agenda politics ,who knows what the next elections after they’d may bring ,even the possibility of a local standing to become Lichfields MP

  8. But it’s not low is it, lowest Band A rate in Lichfield is just over £1000 with the highest Band H at just over £3000, compare that with Westminster in Central London, Band A £272 and Band H £1376, we should be getting so much more, but we are not, we have two food banks in Lichfield! they are selling off public property, closing down services, massively cutting education budgets at all of Lichfield’s schools, shut down community projects just so they can say they haven’t raised council tax!

    They won’t lift a finger to argue the case against reduced local government funding with Conservative central government, they are just following along with austerity cuts like sheep, driving our community into the ground.

    If you are not registered to vote you will need to do it before 13th April, they will be counting on their previous voters to repeat vote, and will be targeting postal voters and areas they know yield higher voting rates but most importantly remember, this is local, you are not voting for party leaders or Brexit issues or even your local MP, this is about “why is Samuel Johnson A&E Closed at night” or “why is my childs school funding being reduced by £159,000” if you want change vote differently to get change.

    Adam Elsdon Green Party

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