Steve Norman and Michael Fabricant

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Lichfield’s MP has been warned he “will never fool some people in Burntwood” after he met with members of the Burntwood Action Group.
Peter Button and Lisa Farrington show Michael Fabricant MP one of their plans for a ‘Better Burntwood’
Conservative MP Michael Fabricant visited the town to discuss issues such as the plan to earmark some green belt land for housing. The talks also saw Mr Fabricant back proposals to create a new “shopping heart” for Burntwood. But Steve Norman, Labour candidate for the forthcoming Staffordshire County Council elections, said the area’s representative in Westminster had dodged any difficult questions by having a private discussion. “So this is the meeting residents attending the last action group meeting wanted was it?” he said. “A private meeting instead of a public one to show the MP’s support against the Government’s green belt policy and Conservative district councillors acquiescence to it. “Let me state again the established policies for the Town over a number of years – and by both Labour and Conservative councillors by the way.
Steve Norman
“Mr Fabricant says ‘Whitehall Planners have overturned the [Local] Plan’. No they haven’t. His Secretary of State dismissed the Local Plan in favour of a housing development in Curborough village. “Surely if it was just ‘Whitehall planners’ overturning a Local Plan that had gone through public examination, and an independent inspector, he would be raising the issue in the press and in Parliament as he has before – at least when it was a Labour Government. “That is why he can’t bring himself to protest in favour of his constituents.” Mr Norman added the Conservative MP needed to face up to locals about local concerns. “He avoids any criticism of Government policy on the Green Belt or Conservative Lichfield District Council’s following of it,” he said. “This is also the reason he has avoided any public meeting on the issue but only has a private meeting with Burntwood Action Group representatives before going out to deliver leaflets for the Conservative county council candidates. “He can fool some Burntwood people some of the time but there are some Burntwood people he will never fool.”


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