Simon Partridge

The Green Party insists it is the “only credible alternative” for Lichfield and Burntwood voters in the forthcoming Staffordshire County Council.

Residents will go to the polls on May 4 to elect their new representatives.

The Green Party will field candidates across all eight areas covering Lichfield and Burntwood.

Simon Partridge

Simon Partridge, who will stand for the Greens in Lichfield City South, said his party gave voters a real choice.

“On May 4, everyone in Lichfield and Burntwood has the chance to vote Green,” he said. “We have a candidate on the ballot paper in all eight local divisions – that’s the most we’ve ever had and it’s more than UKIP or the Liberal Democrats.

“It’s evidence that the Green Party are the only credible alternative to the politics-as-usual on offer from the establishment parties.”

Mr Partridge said the party’s opposition to widespread cuts and rising tax bills would strike a chord with many local residents.

He added: “We wholeheartedly oppose the Conservative agenda of cutting public services to the absolute legal minimum while raising council tax by the highest level in a decade and introducing unfair extra charges like the tipping tax.

“It’s an agenda driven by the Tory myth that there isn’t enough money to properly fund even the basics like social care and decent education for our children.

“The truth is that there is plenty of money, but it’s in the wrong hands – the hands of the richest 1% , and corporations who don’t pay their fair share of tax.

“The Conservatives in charge of Staffordshire know this, but rather than stand up to their Westminster puppetmasters they will continue selling off public buildings like The Friary and removing vital funding for services which help the county’s most vulnerable people.

“Urgent and vocal opposition is required to counter this Tory myth and the catastrophic agenda it serves. Such opposition has to start at a local level and we believe we are the only party in Lichfield and Burntwood which can provide it. We promise that a Green vote is a vote for genuine opposition.”

Full list of candidates standing in Lichfield City South:

  • Colin Ball – Labour
  • Jamie Christie – Lib Dems
  • Colin Greatorex – Conservatives
  • Simon Partridge – Green Party


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21 replies on “Green Party insist they are the “only credible alternative” to the political establishment in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. As a member of the younger generation, and part of the populist midset of anti-establishment, I would usually throw my vote to the Green party.
    However, from the idiotic decisions of their 2015 election campaign, I don’t think you guys are structured enough to tackle national issues.

    I agree that a shift of politics should start at the local level, but I think I’d admire you more for creating a coalition of small local parties to take on the Tories / Old-Establishment.

    But hey-ho, anything is better that pro-capitalism + austerity.

  2. Simon, I hope you are elected and I hope you and I can both work against the ideological Tory cuts.

    However, please don’t wear that many candidates with such a badge of honour. As you well know, councillors are there to represent people and I hardly see how they can do that without living in the area.

    5 out of those 8 candidates don’t even live in the division they want to be elected to, and I hope those 5 are rejected by voters, as they should be.

  3. You need to convince The Daily Mail buying ‘greys,’ they’ll look after themselves no matter how good your intentions and Lichfield has a far higher proportion.

  4. Philip,
    I am one of those five lichfield and Burntwood Green Party candidates that don’t live in the electoral division that we are campaigning for.
    However I have lived in both Burntwood and Lichfield, my Wife is born and bred Burntwood, her parents live in Burntwood, our kids have gone and go to schools in both Burntwood and Lichfield, we have even been registered at the local health centres in both areas, caught the public transport, used the local public services and facilities and I enjoy living in this area, the people are great!.
    One thing that I have taken from this is a good grounded perspective of the whole community, not just a part of it, and what the voters would want from an elected local representative, it’s only a bike ride away after all and it’s not as though I am a parachuted candidate from a different planet.
    I am sure that my Lichfield and Burntwood colleagues all have a similar story, all love this area and have deep roots in it. This is why they are standing to be elected. If South Burntwood voters will have me as it’s representative I would be honoured to get to grips with the Council on their behalf.

  5. You have got it wrong Philip John, I believe ALL the Green candidates live in the electoral area, what are you trying to do? discredit us with a cheap trick!

  6. As Darryl & I have stated on multiple occasions; it doesn’t matter how good the Greens’ local policies are, unless you can spread the word to the older non-computer literate voters, then all is lost for your party until the younger generation are able to outvote the die-hard Tory massive.

    Us under-50s (no offence intended Anne) are way more switched-on when it comes to matters relating to the environment and social responsibility. The greys have no time for it; most are horrendously short-sighted and so the national Tory agenda, backed by the Daily Hate and Murdoch’s redtop papers, is swallowed with a pleasant nationalist smile – safe in the thinking that their blue vote will keep them in a lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

  7. Well said Toast! As an under 25, educated individual, I feel let down by all parties on the spectrum for not pushing for a more active younger base. I, and many people my age, feel betrayed by the parties, and the older generation for giving us mountains of debt, no homes, no health, no support and so on.

    I know Burntwood/Lichfield is an old-aged community, but there are those of us who do live here and would like to see some sort of improvement to the towns. I agree with alot of social-policies, and I am happy to be a left-wing kinda guy, but, as said, until a party can come and active campaign on solid polices without pandering to the greys, my vote will just go to how I feel on that day.

  8. Toast, you have to start somewhere spreading the word, local level is the obvious and easiest place. One policy at a time one person at a time one district at a time. At least people are trying something. With greater visibility support often follows from all areas and ages.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

  9. Toast Darryl and W, I am 64, fully computer literate and passionate about protecting the environment. I cycle and use public transport to avoid car use whenever possible, I’m a paid up member of the Green Party and yes I do have some grey hairs. I believe there are many others like me but we do have to persuade them not to believe all they read in Murdoch’s papers and show them all the positive actions that will help. Let’s vote Green and take seriously what Margaret Mead said.

  10. I believe you are in a minority Delisgran. The town is overwhelmingly Conservative and has been since MF was elected, considering important issues like HS2 and his u-turn on voting against it, as long as the Conservatives keep the senior members happy, it’s unlikely to change.

    You do make some good points, I wonder how many of these are grandparents and consider their children’s future when voting Conservative?

  11. Adam – you live 5 miles from the area you want to represent. How can you possibly be in touch with the needs, issues and desires of that part of Burntwood without being there on a daily basis? The pride over standing 8 candidates exposes this for the power grab that it is. Were you standing in Lichfield City South, where you live I would be happy to support you.

    Anne – they all live in Staffordshire, yes. Would you accept a local councillor living in Stoke, Newcastle or Leek? Do you think is right than one of the existing county councillors lives in Cheshire, not Staffordshire? The principle matters – to represent people you need to live in the same area.

  12. Delisgran, do not get me wrong, I admire that you can come here online and be straight forward with us. I know deep down I may even be a true Green supporter. But it is agonising, as a young person, that there is no big push to get me to go and fly your banner. I do not fly anyone’s flag based on that reason.

    I’m looking to speak to your local party, or even your candidate in my area but yet I’ve not received a leaflet, nor am I sure how you guys prefer contact: Email, phone, social media?

    This also supports my view of, “why should I vote for some1 not in my area?”. I’m not even sure I’ve ever had a green-party leaflet, or a door-2-door chat.
    I do not mean to sound too critical, you have great policies that could easily grab young voters, as well as many environmentalists and hippie-types. I just do not know what you’re like in my area

  13. W,
    If you want to change things and support a green cause don’t sit around waiting to be invited, just do something. You can contact the local green party online or any group that takes your fancy. If we all waited to be invited nothing would ever change in the country.
    And Philip…..those 8 people, they are just local amateurs trying to make a difference and have an effect for good. You talk about them like they are cynical career politicians. Come on, get real.

  14. I think given the massive Conservative power here. We could do with a unity candidate. 2 people on the ballot. A conservative and another.

    We may be able to get something done then. But it would not be acceptable to the other political parties.

    Until then, sorry you are wasting your time. Anything blue will get elected. A bag of Walkers cheese and onion crisps, could stand and would get a massive majority.

    Tough for the rest of us. Enjoy the party political stupidity.

  15. It’s a one horse race again until local people form s local people’s independence group nothing will change

  16. Chop chop, come on! Just under two weeks to go to the election and the only party I have heard from in Lichfield Rural West is the Conservatives – much to my dismay.

  17. I’m with Steve here, we need a single unity candidate allocated fairly where the Tory is the sitting councillor. This might’ve worked against Fabricant except it wouldn’t happen and his vote is too large. For one of the most useless sycophants in Parliament, a sinecure.

  18. Steve’s made an excellent point, and it’s sad to see members of the other local parties (I’m looking at you Sue Woodward) making cheap shots at other opposition candidates for the local elections.

    Petty squabbling like a pair of tramps fighting over a cold bag of chips while Fabricant saunters around Lichfield 4 days a month like a peacock with a massive erection. He could literally punch a child in the face and the greys would elect him, probably increasing his majority even futher.

  19. Can we try and keep comments reasonably civil?

    We don’t need our MP’s massive member rammed down our throats, thank you very much Mr Toast.

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