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Lichfield train passengers set to have access to free wi-fi and movies on London Midland services

Passengers on board trains to and from Lichfield will be able to access free entertainment and wi-fi from tomorrow.

London Midland's new entertainment service

London Midland’s new entertainment service

London Midland is launching its Motion service on Cross City line and West Coast Main Line services.

As well as free wi-fi, passengers will also be able to access movies, TV programmes, ebooks and magazines.

London Midland’s managing director, Patrick Verwer, said: “Twelve months ago we pledged to install wi-fi on all of our long-distance trains but we have been able to do much more.

“Our innovative approach to technology means we have been able to include the industry-leading entertainment package and cover key local routes too.

“Our aim is to create simply better journeys for all our customers. Free entertainment and wi-fi will not only improve the customer experience – it will change the way people think about travelling on our trains.

“We have made the package as user-friendly as possible and this is the first time that Hollywood studios have given the green light for on-board movies and TV shows to be streamed directly to a browser, rather than through a third-party app.”

Motion will go live tomorrow (April 25), with the train operator estimating that by October people on 70% of its services will be able to access it.

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  1. Simon Partridge

    25th April, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    I’d just as soon have cheaper fares, thanks. Over the last decade rail fares have increased twice as much as wages and inflation. No amount of free wi-fi can hide the fact that rail privatisation has been an unmitigated disaster for passengers.

    We pay the highest rail fares in Europe. Little wonder that Go Ahead, Londond Mildand’s parent company, posted a pre-tax profit of almost £100m last year.

    Re-nationalisation of the railways has long been Green Party policy – it’s the only way to stop such gross profiteering at the expense of passengers.

  2. Toast

    25th April, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    I’m sure disabled passengers traveling to London from LTV would much rather have access to the platform than unnecessary wifi onboard. Who needs wifi these days anyway; 4G anyone?

  3. The Scribbler

    25th April, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Ain’t technology grand?
    Still can’t get suitable access at LTV but free wi-fi for all!