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MP given guided tour of work to preserve Lichfield woodland

Lichfield’s MP has been given a guided tour of work to preserve a local wood.

Michael Fabricant with Jane Ward and Owen Pugh from the Woodland Trust

Michael Fabricant with Jane Ward and Owen Pugh from the Woodland Trust

Michael Fabricant was shown around Pipe Hall Farm, which is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust.

He said: “I’ve been a member of the Woodland Trust for a number of years and am Deputy Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group, so it was a real pleasure to visit the 150 or so acre woodlands.

“The planting of new woodlands and the preservation of our ancient woodlands is of profound importance for future generations. Everyone should visit Pipe Hill Farm and perhaps join the Woodland Trust.”

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  1. Adam Elsdon

    25th April, 2017 at 11:44 am

    “Michael Fabricant consistently voted for selling England’s state owned forests”

    Not my words, but those from

    As the shadow minister at the time quite correctly quoted

    “The countryside is on the move against the Tory-led Government’s plans to privatise England’s forests. People are furious about this environmental vandalism. The Government’s impact assessment shows us that it is economic madness, too. The Government are carrying out a hatchet job that destroys the funding model which has protected England’s forests for nearly 100 years. If the commercial timberlands are sold, the ancient woodlands starve. The true value of England’s forests cannot be measured by the price that the Government will get from selling them.”

    The Woodland Trust charity carries out great work, but an MP that voted consistently to sell off Public owned forestry and as part of the same party that as David Cameron succinctly put it “Get rid of the Green Crap” cannot be trusted with anything “Green” whether that is air pollution that is killing thousands or building on Green Belt land when Brown Belt is available.
    This is purely an MP looking to further his career on the run up to an election and nothing else, what a sham.

  2. Toast

    25th April, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    I love pre-election periods, it’s like playing a game of Where’s Wally but in this case Wally is our beloved wig-wearing muppet.

    Where will he be next; next to the canal being restored by hard working volunteers? at a charity ribbon-cutting event he had no hand in? waving with a crowd of smiling school kids who are happy to be entertained by the city’s chief clown? Who knows!