Rubbish dumped on Cranebrook Lane

A spate of fly-tipping incidents have taken place across Lichfield and Burntwood over the Easter Bank Holiday period.

Rubbish dumped on Cranebrook Lane

Lichfield District Council was called out to Cranebrook Lane and Whitacre Lane in Stonnall, Pouk Lane in Lichfield and Barracks Lane near Burntwood after piles of waste were dumped.

Items dumped on Barracks Lane

Items including fridge freezers, mattresses, asbestos sheets, furniture car parts and clothing were left by the roadside.

There was also a pile of tree cuttings and bin bags dumped on private land off the A38 between Streethay and Fradley.

Richard King, director of place and community at Lichfield District Council, said: “It’s likely the rubbish has been left by commercial companies that are paid to dispose of waste as part of a building or landscaping job.

“However, to avoid the commercial waste charges at licensed tips, which they’ve always had to pay, they dump the waste in our district. Please report these commercial operators to us, as we will prosecute them wherever we can.

Waste left on private land off the A38

“We’re also taking this opportunity to remind our residents of their duty of care. If you employ a gardener, tree surgeon, builder or house clearance company it’s important to check they are licensed to legally remove your waste.

“If they cannot tell you their waste carrier number or where they are going to dispose of your waste, don’t use them. Remember, you are ultimately responsible if your rubbish ends up being fly-tipped and you could even face a fine.”

To report fly-tipping call 01543 308725 or visit

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10 replies on “Council forced to clean-up after spate of fly-tipping incidents across Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. How much has it cost the Council to clear up after these incidents?

    Presumably, the proposed charge for emptying brown bins will lead to an increase in fly-tipping so where is the benefit in your idea Councillor Eadie ?

  2. Need an office to get out of first ?

    Although in fairness to my map reading skills, it actually is just the other side of the A5.

  3. The fee will be less than a pound a week, with most areas already having to pay a fee. I doubt this will have a great effect on the fly tipping. The issue has been happening for years but is only reenrol coming to light

  4. It’s not the fee it’s the use of a levy to avoid a referendum on council tax, a precedent. Still, never mind till the next levy

  5. The county council have introduced charges for certain type of waste per bag at Lichfield and Burntwood tips sorry recycling centres: what did they expect would happen

  6. One of the issues here is that we need a carrot and stick approach. People need to be encouraged to recycle, reuse and reduce their consumption. By doping so they should enjoy financial reward- eg cash back on fresh un-packaged food. Manufacturers should be taxed heavily on excessively packaged goods and charity shops should be subsidized and given favourable rates/ terms to occupy prize plots in towns.

  7. If LDC had gone about the Brown Bin Tax in an honest and transparent fashion, I imagine most of us wouldn’t mind the £36 increase in our council tax and would have duly voted to approve the motion. It’s the fact that they’ve dodged a referendum on the matter and avoided a clear public debate about the introduction and justification of it.

  8. Hate to burst Mrs Norman’s Tory bedroom-tip-tax bubble but the rubbish in the Barracks Lane captioned photo is actually the field entrance on the left of the truncated northerly arm of the old Lichfield Road. This road was closed off for construction of the BNRR in the year 2000 and fly-tipping has been prevalent at this location since the accomodation works for the motorway were completed in early 2004.

  9. @Toast it’s worth noting that avoiding introducing a £36 charge would have needed, at worst, a £13.44 increase in council tax, not the full £36 cost of the charged for service.

    And it’s also worth repeating that the new chargeable service is set to be a profitable one. LDC’s own figures show it generating a £333k profit.

    More detail on my blog post if anyone is interested

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