Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja

The Liberal Democrats have used the final day of campaigning in Lichfield and Burntwood ahead of the Staffordshire County Council elections to call for “fundamental reform” of the social care system.

Voters will go to the polls tomorrow (May 4) to elect their new representatives.

The Lib Dems are fielding candidates across the area and say much needed change cannot be delivered if the Conservatives retain control of the council.

A spokesperson said: “All of us and our families deserve better social care than the Tories are giving us.

“Local government finances are in a mess and vastly underfunded. The social care system needs fundamental reform so that it joins up with the NHS.

“We must have a sensible debate about how we look after our old or vulnerable people – if it means higher earners need to pay more tax let’s get it done.”

Full list of Staffordshire County Council candidates in Lichfield and Burntwood:

Burntwood North:

  • Martin Dewes – UKIP
  • Carol Ivett – Green Party
  • Heather Tranter – Conservatives
  • Sue Woodward – Labour

Burntwood South:

  • Adam Elsdon – Green Party
  • Helen Fisher – Conservatives
  • John Hitchin – UKIP
  • Steve Norman – Labour
  • John Smith – Lib Dems

Lichfield City North:

  • Philip John – Something New
  • Natasha Pullen – Conservatives
  • Miles Trent – Lib Dems
  • Hilary Wolfenden – Green Party
  • Caroline Wood – Labour

Lichfield City South:

  • Colin Ball – Labour
  • Jamie Christie – Lib Dems
  • Colin Greatorex – Conservatives
  • Simon Partridge – Green Party

Lichfield Rural East:

  • Roger Bennion – Lib Dems
  • Glen Mynott – Labour
  • Robert Pass – Green Party
  • Alan White – Conservatives

Lichfield Rural North:

  • Jeyan Anketell – Lib Dems
  • Michael Broughton – Green Party
  • Janet Eagland – Conservatives
  • David Harvey – Labour

Lichfield Rural South:

  • Alasdair Brooks – Lib Dems
  • Mathew Hayward – Green Party
  • David Smith – Conservatives
  • David Thompson – Labour

Lichfield Rural West:

  • Richard Rathbone – Lib Dems
  • Kate Tilley – Green Party
  • Martyn Tittley – Conservatives
  • Ben Watkins – Labour


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