Conservative Councillor Janet Eagland delivering her victory speech

The Conservatives have enjoyed a day of success after claiming all but one of the available seats on Staffordshire County Council in Lichfield and Burntwood.

Conservative Councillor Janet Eagland delivering her victory speech

Only Sue Woodward bucked the trend holding onto the Burntwood North seat for Labour – but only saw off the challenge of Heather Tranter by just 50 votes.

Full results:

Burntwood North
Sue Woodward (Lab) – 1371
Heather Tranter (Cons) – 1321
Martin Dewes (UKIP) – 175
Carol Ivett (Green) – 76

Burntwood South
Helen Fisher (Cons) – 1506
Steve Norman (Lab) – 848
John Hitchin (UKIP) – 280
John Smith (Lib Dem) – 114
Adam Elsdon (Green) – 72

New Conservative Councillor Natasha Pullen at the count

Lichfield City North
Natasha Pullen (Cons) – 1571
Caroline Wood (Lab) – 1076
Miles Trent (Lib Dem) – 420
Philip John (S New) – 175
Hilary Wolfenden (Green) – 163

Lichfield City South
Colin Greatorex (Cons) – 1982
Jamie Christie (Lib Dem) – 645
Colin Ball (Lab) – 623
Simon Partridge (Green) – 269

Lichfield Rural East
Alan White (Cons) – 2077
Glen Mynott (Lab) – 562
Roger Bennion (Lib Dem) – 365
Robert Pass (Green) – 270

Lichfield Rural North
Janet England (Cons) – 2145
David Harvey (Lab) – 478
Jeyan Anketell (Lib Dem) – 378
Michael Broughton (Green) – 164

Lichfield Rural South
David Smith (Cons) – 2497
David Thompson (Lab) – 496
Alasdair Brooks (Lib Dem) – 225
Mathew Hayward (Green) – 159

Lichfield Rural West
Martyn Tittley (Cons) – 2279
Ben Watkins (Lab) – 555
Richard Rathbone (Lib Dem) – 200
Kate Tilley (Green) – 199


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7 replies on “Conservatives take all but one Staffordshire County Council seat across Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. If you are unemployed, long term sick or suffer from any kind of mental illness, your future just got a lot, lot bleaker.

  2. lol, and now Staffordshire can enjoy the lack of attendance of Natasha Pullen.

    Labour’s Empress Woodward seems lucky with only 50v lead, but christ did her hubby get destroyed by the Tory empress Fisher (Middle-Fisher, not senior or junior, to clarify) .

    Owell, let’s see how the county does.

  3. Traditionally, what happens in the local elections is a poor indication of what happens in a General Election.

    Unless you live in Lichvegas Baby!!!

    Sorry, suffered an Accidental Fabricant there.

  4. Consistent returns by the Greens, no wonder they’re looking to form alliances. Plus a photo of Natasha Pullen, presumably from the other side of the International Date Line.

  5. Makes it easy for Ross though.

    Fabricant elected with huge majority. He can write the story now and just add the number of votes later.

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