Candidates and agents looking on as the votes are verified

Counting has begun to decide who Lichfield and Burntwood has elected as its representatives on Staffordshire County Council.

Candidates and agents looking on as the votes are verified

The verification of votes began at 10am with candidates and agents overseeing the process.

The final result is expected this afternoon before the final council declaration is made in Stafford.


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7 replies on “Count begins to decide who will represent Lichfield and Burntwood on Staffordshire County Council”

  1. Elsewhere it’s looking pretty devastating for Labour. Amusing interview with Diane Abbott on ITV, if you can dig it out, you should.

    If this is a foreshadow for the GE then Labour will join the LibDems in the wilderness and May will take it as a green light to pretty much do what she wants with Brexit.

  2. Someone who has worked tirelessly and visibly for the community for years just holds on over a challenge from someone who doesn’t, and sent out a pre-election general newsletter making unsubstantiated claims, complete with spelling errors. A dire comment on the state of the electorate.

  3. Ah, ever the troll.

    So I read, from John Griffin’s comment, that he’s dismayed that someone could serve a community for so long and only receive a marginal victory, against someone either opportunistically standing in the same election or hasn’t been active in the community.

    Not sure what you find difficult to understand Rob?

  4. Darryl:
    Could be that the electorate were aware of the length of service but didn’t think it was that good and about half of them fancied a change. Their prerogative in a democracy eh?
    What’s difficult to understand is the implied insult on “the state of the electorate” remark, as though they should know better or have something to be ashamed of.
    I really don’t understand this troll thing because it’s a term I never use. It appears to be dished out by posters to anyone who disagrees with them.

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