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Lichfield and Burntwood Lib Dem candidate Paul Ray warns Conservative government has been “taken over by Brexit extremists”

The Government has been take over by Brexit extremists, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has claimed.

Paul Ray said his party are now the only option for voters at the General Election who are concerned about the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Paul Ray

Paul Ray

Mr Ray, who finished third in 2015 with 2,700 votes, said the Conservative desire to leave the Single Market and Labour’s uncertainty over Brexit had made for an unsavoury and uncertain political situation.

“Brexit extremists have taken over the Government and they are now putting their hatred of Europe before jobs and prosperity,” he said. “Leaving the Single Market was not in the referendum question.

“No-one voted to make Britain poorer. Labour have surrendered to the Brexit-backing Conservatives so only the Liberal Democrats are battling for Britain to stay in the Single Market.”

The snap General Election will be a chance for Conservatives to strengthen their hand on the way the country’s departure from the EU is handled.

But Mr Ray said the Government had failed to fully respect the views of the electorate in the in-out referendum.

“The people voted for departure, but they did not vote for a destination,” he said. “We do not believe that people voted for the Hard Brexit that Theresa May is aiming to impose on the UK.

“It should be up to the people to decide at the end of the process between the deal the government gets and staying in the EU. Liberal Democrats want to protect EU citizens’ rights in the UK, and UK citizens’ rights in the EU.

“We want to ensure continued membership of the Single Market and Customs Union and make sure Parliament is allowed full scrutiny throughout the Brexit process.”

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  1. Darryl

    8th May, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Well precisely. The ignorance of the blanket hatred of the EU touted by UKIP and backed by the Conservatives is just astonishing.

    People seem utterly turned off to a single market yet very few can say why. Shown very clearly during Radio 4’s phone-in show the other day, when a caller described it as “the wretched single market” but couldn’t elucidate as to why he considered it wretched.

    The utter nonsense of it all is very frustrating for someone who voted to remain. Brexiteers trumpet their victory and talk in broad terms about trade deals, when we already HAD trade deals and now any government is going to renegotiate the same deals with the same countries from a worse position.

    In a bizarre turn of events the Lib Dems may end up getting my vote as the only mainstream party to offer any sort of resistance to this whole nonsense situation.

    “Will of the people” my behind!

  2. John Griffin

    8th May, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Correct diagnosis but none of the therapies seem to budge voters who’ve bought the ‘strong and stable’ rubbish.

  3. Simon Partridge

    8th May, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Not the “only” option, Paul. The Green Party are offering a referendum on the final deal, including the option to remain in the EU.