Rpbert Pass (second from right) with Green Party supporters in Lichfield

Voters must have a chance to question the terms of Brexit, a parliamentary candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has said.

The Green Party has said it would hold a second referendum to help people decide on the deal the country is likely to get from the European Union.

Rpbert Pass (second from right) with Green Party supporters in Lichfield

Robert Pass, who is standing for the party in the Lichfield constituency, said a second vote was a logical decision.

“As a business owner, I would not dream of committing myself to a deal without agreeing to the terms and conditions,” he said. “You read the contract before you do the deal.

“You can read the contract before you buy insurance. You have a cooling off period to return a product you’ve bought but realise you don’t like or need. Phone contracts can be cancelled or changed. And yet, when it comes to making an enormous decision over the future of our country, Theresa May has said we must leave Europe, regardless of the terms and conditions.”

Mr Pass insisted the voice of the younger generation also needed to be heard about any decision that would impact on their future.

“The Green Party is promising a referendum will give the public two clear choices – stick with what we have, or sign up to the deal on offer,” he said “And like any deal, we will make sure those affected are involved.

“A Green referendum would give 16 and 17 year olds the vote, making sure that they have a say over their future instead of having that decision made for them.”

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6 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood Green Party candidate says vote on terms of Brexit is a logical move”

  1. Even if you gave 16 year olds the vote I doubt it would make much difference to the overall result, at least locally. Even if they could be bothered to get out and vote, most kids would probably vote in line with their parents’ political views and in Lichfield that would just increase Fabbo’s majority.

  2. In a roundabout way Mr Pass is stating that the referendum was poorly thought out, included no safeguards to count for the fact that few had little knowledge of what they were really voting for.

    He’s right.

  3. Even if you voted leave, it makes sense to put the final deal to the country, and vote on it in a referendum.

    Who has let a broker sort out a deal where that broker has said “I wont tell you any of my negotiation plans, or how we will do it, or even how much it will cost and you will have to accept the final deal like it or lump it”?

    Probably nobody, certainly not for anything remotely important or life changing like a car or a house or a job. This will affect every person regardless of age for generations in this country.
    “Strong and Stable” is looking “Weak and Unhinged” when it comes to current Brexit dealings, we all need that final referendum.

  4. If Parliament is bypassed, then we fail the final test for a representative democracy and become a soft dictatorship – hence the Lords bucking up over May’s ‘Henry VIII powers’.

  5. “we all need that final referendum.”
    Good of you to announce this on my behalf, unfortunately in this instance you are mistaken.

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