Chris Worsey

Labour’s 2017 General Election candidate in Lichfield and Burntwood says he won’t overlook key local issues.

Chris Worsey

Chris Worsey will return to contest the seat two years after losing out to Conservative rival Michael Fabricant.

The founder of a tech start-up business offering careers advice, is also a councillor in Great Barr.

But he insists local issues around health will be at the heart of his campaign.

“I’m delighted to be Lichfield’s parliamentary candidate again for 2017,” he said. “We built a fantastic team in 2015 and I can’t wait to start campaigning again.

“There are big issues at stake in Lichfield and Burntwood. From the future of Samuel Johnson Hospital to the axed Burntwood Health Centre, our health services are under pressure. I pledge to always fight for our local health services.”

Mr Worsey said the challenges facing the housing market in Lichfield and Burntwood would also be central to his focus.

“I want to continue my campaign for decent and affordable homes,” he added. ”Labour will work to provide good quality affordable homes for the many, not concrete over the Green Belt with expensive homes for the few.”

Candidates for the 2017 General Election in Lichfield and Burntwood:

  • Chris Worsey (Labour)
  • Michael Fabricant (Cons)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dem)
  • Robert Pass (Green)


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7 replies on “Local issues in Lichfield and Burntwood will be top of the agenda, says Labour’s 2017 General Election candidate”

  1. Interesting read. Somewhat of a confusing choice as a candidate. A young gentleman all the way from Great Barr? I’m not geologist but I’m sure that is some distance from Lichfield.

    I’m sure the kid means well, and has age on his side, but surly there are others from the area that could run?

  2. Fabricant had no local connection before he narrowly won the MidStaffs seat, prior to the formation of Lichield constituency. The closest he ever came was Loughborough.

  3. It’s probably a good thing you’re not a geologist, given that’s the study of rocks. Geographer, maybe?

  4. Mr Robot needs to tackle local issues – such as spending more time in the constituency.
    We don’t want a virtual presence, we have that already.

    (That AI has a lot to answer for, you know.)

  5. I am a bit confused by all politicians/ potential politicians at the moment.

    They all can build loads of houses. Where? What about some infrastructure investment?

    They can all save hospitals and health centres.

    Yet, the second they are elected. It is someone else who is shutting them down and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Can you stop the cuts? Or can you just ask the NHS to reconsider?

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