Robert Pass

The Green Party’s 2017 General Election candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has criticised other parties for ignoring environmental issues.

Robert Pass

Robert Pass, will represent the Greens once again after standing for the party in 2015, says the scale of the problem should not be ignored – and insisted a major shift in policy was needed.

“Climate change is the biggest threat humankind has ever faced,” he said. “Air pollution is killing tens of thousands of people each year, and the natural world – which all life depends upon – is in serious trouble and yet mainstream British politics choses to look the other way and pretend it’s not happening.

“It’s unbelievable that this Government gives the fossil-fuel industry nearly £6billion a year in subsidies, almost twice the financial support it provides to renewable-energy providers.

“Investment in renewable energy has fallen off a cliff due to big cuts in green energy subsidies. This has led to thousands of job losses in the industry.

“We should be investing heavily in green job creation in order to make the transition to a sustainable economy. Instead an extreme Brexit will give this Government a free-hand to wreck decades of hard won environmental legislation in the name of short-term economic growth.”

Although environmental issues will be at the heart of the Green Party’s appeal, Mr Pass said it was important people also saw the wider benefits their representation would bring.

“A vote for the Green Party is more than just a protest vote,” Mr Pass said. “It is a vote for an economy that functions in the interests of the common good, for a society that is fair and democratic and a strong and stable environment.”

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2 replies on “Green Party candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood insists politicians need to ensure a strong and stable environment”

  1. “Tories pledge “unprecedented” support for fossil fuels after receiving almost £400,000 from oil bosses”.
    40,000 deaths a year from Air Pollution clearly is just not enough, the government will spend vast amounts of money on security, yet allow 40,000 people to die from pollution and that does not include the figures for those living a life with Asthma.
    you don’t even have to look far to find the shady depths the Conservatives will go, to remain in government:-

    The Conservatives are Weak and Unhinged, if they think this is good policy.

  2. Robert is right, there’s no will to fund green energy policies because of the legacy fossil fuel companies strength on Tory governments.

    This is critical, we either do it now with policy or later with force when peoples’ homes and lives are at risk.

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