Robert Pass

Private companies should not be allowed to take money out of the NHS, the Green Party’s General Election candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has said.

Robert Pass outside the Samuel Johnson Community Hospital

Robert Pass told a hustings event at Wade Street Church that back door privatisation needed to be tackled.

Conservative candidate Michael Fabricant had said just 6% of the NHS was privatised, of which 4% had been introduced by the previous Labour Government.

But Mr Pass told the audience privatisation was happing under their noses.

“We’re committed to a totally public NHS,” he said. “Unfortunately the Health and Social Care Act has opened up large chunks of the NHS to privatisation.

“There are some services that operate under an NHS banner, but are being delivered by private companies. We have to remember that these companies are in it to make a profit – that’s millions and millions going out of the door rather than back into healthcare.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant argued that patients were not concerned where care was given, as long as it was free at the point of delivery.

“No candidate is going to say they want a lousy health service,” he said. “Yes, it should be free, but does it matter where care is delivered?

“If I was taken ill and the hospital at Burton said they didn’t have a bed but they would send me to a private hospital for treatment what do I care?”

Paul Ray

Liberal Democrat candidate Paul Ray warned that current levels of funding were “strangling” the NHS.

He said: “The NHS needs a long term solution. We propose that an independent body is introduced to look at how money is being spent.

“Funding should be a non-political issue.”

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4 replies on “Green Party candidate calls for end to private companies taking money out of the NHS”

  1. Well far be it from me to want to quote from a former Tory Prime Minister
    but John Major said that with the current bunch in charge the NHS was about as safe as leaving pet canary under the charge of a hungry python.
    Perhaps he was thinking about the Naylor report, which Teresa May agrees with in which 10 billion pounds of the NHS assets are to be sold off.
    Or then their is Jeremy Hunt co-author of a book which calls for the privatisation of the NHS.
    Or Boris Johnson who would like to charge people to use it.
    There is no doubt that Labour with PPI has put the NHS under great strain so the first thing we should do is scrap PFI and renegotiate the deals for existing PFI.

  2. You won’t find me disagreeing Robert.

    It simply defies logic to put a profit making organisation in charge of a de-facto non-profit organisation.

    And I’m man enough to say, it was Tony Blair who introduced it. Another unedifying example of his time as PM.

  3. The Lib/Dem candidate makes a good point when he says: “..the NHS needs a long term solution….funding should be a non political issue”. he’s right, do we want a free NHS and if so how and who is it going to paid for. What needs to be pointed out too is that many private sector companies use private health care organisations as part of their Occupational Health system in order to make sure that their employees get swift medical attention and rehab, ensuring a quicker return to work.

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