Chris Worsey and Michael Fabricant

The decision by Labour and Conservative candidates not to appear at a hustings event in Lichfield shows why electoral reform is needed, a rival has claimed.

Chris Worsey and Michael Fabricant

Neither Chris Worsey nor Michael Fabricant appeared at the Speakers’ Corner event today (June 3).

Both said they had informed organisers they would not be able to attend several weeks ago, meaning only the Green Party’s Robert Pass and Lib Dem Paul Ray spoke at the event in Lichfield city centre earlier.

But Mr Pass said the decision by Labour and the Conservatives showed why change was needed in the entire electoral system.

Mr Fabricant has spent the morning with Conservative supporters and councillors campaigning in Lichfield city centre before heading to Armitage and Handsacre.

Mr Worsey told LichfieldLive other commitments had prevented him attending today’s event or the hustings at Wade Street Church last week, which featured the other three candidates.

“I made it clear I couldn’t make the dates, but unfortunately the organisers weren’t able to rearrange,” he said. “It’s a bit of a shame because I really enjoyed the debate at the cathedral last time round.”

But his Lib Dem rival questioned the decision not to attend either hustings event.

“There’s been no literature in Lichfield and Burntwood from Labour and they have not turned up to hustings,” Mr Ray said. “They’re not interested.”


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21 replies on “Candidate says Labour and Conservative no-show at Lichfield hustings event is proof electoral reform is needed”

  1. A Tory who knows he’s going to win + a Labour man who knows he isn’t = apathy. No wonder people don’t bother to vote half the time. What’s the point if it’s meaningless?

  2. So (Notso)Fab couldn’t be arsed to walk the 500 metres or so to debate from where that picture was taken. He’d have walked past Speakers’ Corner from his cosy cathedral view home. Why bother speaking to the plebs who you’re meant to represent when you can have a laugh with the sycophantic councillors and paid up blues instead. If it looks like a Tory, sounds like a Tory and smells like a Tory, then it usually is a Tory.

  3. Tories are killing this country and unfortunately the local Labour candidate isn’t interested. Waste of time.

    Lib Dems get my vote based on both national and local efforts.

  4. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of this, the bloke in that picture with Fabricant really needs to start dressing his age!!!

  5. I was thinking of voting Labour, for the first time ever. What is the point of having a candidate, who is always too busy, to turn up to events?

  6. This election is exciting and there’s a chance of some seats changing hands. Lichfield isn’t one of those seats. The question shouldn’t be why are the Labour and Tory candidates spending their time somewhere else? The question is why are the Libdems and the Greens wasting their time in Lichfield instead of doing something useful?

  7. Let me just say a word or two in defence of Labour’s Chris Worsey. Chris was an excellent candidate in 2015 and stepped up again this year when the snap election was called. That’s the key point here: it was an unexpected election and candidates across the country have put their lives on hold to ensure that voters have a real choice. Some prior commitments have to be honoured and Chris gave plenty of notice that he wasn’t going to be there,

    Now, as for the Conservative candidate who didn’t turn up last time and was just around the corner this time……yes, electoral reform IS needed.

  8. Sue, I always think it is a shame, that I can’t vote for you as my MP.

    I have never voted Labour, but 90% of the time, I agree with your comments.

  9. Fabbo has one of the safest seats in the country. Unlike Andrew Mitchell (for instance), who also has an ultra-safe seat, Fabbo does nothing of any use.

  10. I agree that electoral reform is needed but I cannot see it happening just yet, there is simply no will from the electorate to lobby Parliament to change. Our ‘first past the post’ system was fine when the electorate was limited, it made sense at the time. However, with all and sundry, over 18’s being able to vote now, the democratic system is a farce and as for postal votes, well we have all seen the corruption and mis-counting and lost boxes that goes on with that third-rate system. As I have said, it is a farce, whoever scrapes through to form a Government this time around, like last time, we can be certain that the majority of this Country didn’t vote for them.

  11. “However, with all and sundry, over 18’s being able to vote now, the democratic system is a farce”

    My irony klaxon just broke.

  12. In my mind I have to question whether or not Chris Worsey actually wants the job, or if he’s just agreed to have his name on the ballot paper as a favour.

    Why, why, why the local Labour Party didn’t stand a truly local, truly well known candidate is a mystery to me.

  13. At least one that could be bothered to turn up to the 2 main public hustings!

    Mr Pass is right, if Lichfield wasn’t such a safe seat ALL candidates would have been there vying for votes!

    We need proportional representation, like the rest of the civilised world (except USA).

  14. I believe that with FPTP our archaic voting system 74% of votes don’t count in who gets elected. 80% of OECD countries use some form of Proportional Representation. This General Election should be seen to be about National outcome and not so much about local MPs. Tories need to be ousted to save NHS, Pensions, Social care, police, armed forces. Hard Brexit as proposed by Fabricant & Co will ruin UK. This is critical. Vote for the party you want in Govt, not local MP. Save the country from certain continuing austerity. Tories are selling off NHS land & bldgs. Brexit is a BluKip 2.0 con. Proportional Representation will only happen if Tories lose this election. They don’t want it, because they benefit from FPTP – ensuring Fabricant forever. And his sort. Toffs, rich privileged, exploiters of the many for the few. Tories lie to win elections, they cheat by over spending. Mrs May on TV lied & said Diane Abbott wants to take criminals DNA off database. Absolute lie! You can’t trust a Tory. No other party has a hope in hell of winning in Lichfield because majority read the dross press Daily Mail, Telegraph. Brexit is for the media barons, and is of NO BENEFIT to 95% of UK. People are asleep politically. Wake up and smell the coffee! BBCQT had a rich public schoolboy in audience who told Corbyn he needs Zero Hours contract! This is what the other parties are up against. The corruption of press and politics. Truth in Tory world = alternative reality = lies. They spend most of time not giving information about so called Brexit plan for best deal, but mud-slinging other parties. We haven’t heard a Dickie bird of substance from Tory ministers about Brexit. Seems they have no plan. Wise Ken Clarke (an almost lone good Tory MP) says “You can’t leave world’s largest trading bloc without making UK poorer”. Social care & Dementia Tax is a way for Tory government to make mass profits from home equity insurance and health insurance. Why are people so asleep? A vote for nice Mr Fabricant and nice Theresa May? You’ll rue the day you keep these dire people in power. Nothing personal, just seems obvious that Tories exploit millions of people who have no idea what’s really going on. Economy is in dire straits. £1.7 trillion National Debt. Police officers cut by 10000, and more to come. Tories prefer to give tax cuts to corporations. And to ignore the billions lost in taxation every year to tax avoiders. The “Money Tree” exists. See the Artist Taxi Driver on you tube. That will show you what the Tories are doing with our money. And why there’s nothing left for the NHS or our public services. This is why you should vote, not for local Tory safe seater, but for any other party. Country wide. Unless you are rich and don’t mind losing your home when you near the end of your life. If you share your home with your adult son or daughter but it’s in your name they may lose their home. These are issues that require a great deal of thought. Tory Government was supposed to have announced by 7 May whether or not intends to increase pension age. They haven’t done so. It’s law that they do so. Tory Government breached United Nations Human Rights Act with regards to disabled. They don’t care. Food Banks – a Tory candidate just said she’s glad they have them in S E Cornwall at a hustings. Audience gasped. A disabled woman protested, and was threatened to be thrown out. Tory said she’d call the Police. The woman was not being aggressive. Just frustrated with the arrogance of the privileged Tory. There may be few good eggs amongst Tory candidates, but we don’t see anything that shows qualities of humanity and compassion. 40000 children in UK are in poverty. More people are homeless due to Tories cutting Housing Allowance for 18-21 year olds. We have a disgusting Government. Proportional Representation is the only way of getting change for the future. Tories don’t want it. Theresa May is a mere puppet. Probably the first puppet PM in UK? She ran away from debate because she’d expose how utterly inadequate she is. Contrast her performances with the articulate other party leaders. Vote Tory = UKip 2.0 “Will of the People” is nonsense. As is the Brexit con by the BluKippers. Michael Fabricant and 59% of Lichfield voted for something that no-one so far has been able to list any benefits for. It will not result in reduction in immigration. That we rely upon for our NHS, care services, farming, universities. And what of Euratom? And Europol? Did you think about all this when you voted if you did for Brexit? Austerity hasn’t worked. Many DWP measures cost more than they save. And they cause suicides and terrible suffering of the most vulnerable. A vote for Tories says you have no heart. Look to the alternatives. Michael Fabricant said at hustings “You don’t make a poor man richer by taking from the rich”. I reckon you do, when it comes to taxation. Nurses suffered 14% decline in wages since 2010. Mrs May’s answer on TV “There’s no magic money tree”. This is the latest Tory soundbite. It’s a political choice. As was the axing of nursing bursaries. One more thing whilst ranting – how come there’s always money for MPs to get considerable salary rises along with their substantial expenses? Yet public sector has a 1% cap, meaning their wages decline year on year! Choices, not a given. Tory choices are less than human. Many people will choose to vote tactically in order to try and get a change of Government. A hung Parliament may be the best outcome. Lichfield is obviously a safe seat. But it shouldn’t be. If people used their brains and read a different newspaper it wouldn’t be. The Daily Mail owner does not pay tax in UK. Murdoch, Dacre and others are desperate for Brexit. Because EU is going to be clamping down on tax avoiders. And will make things more open and transparent. Tories don’t want open-ness or transparency. Hence delaying publication of the NHS report until after the election. They tried it with the Air Quality report but were taken to court. Thousands of people are dying due to air pollution. Tories just pledged £400000 to fossil fuel industry. For goodness sake! They are in favour of fracking too. Just not where the MPs live.

  15. Just out of sheer interest, those of you who comment, do you think that if Lab, LibDems and Greens fielded a local unity candidate, as well as enforced a decent campaign strategy in the constituency, that they would still have a chance of ridding Fabbers?

    As a somewhat local, I get told often that tories will always win Lichfield, if that is the case, then what is the point joining labour or greens? Why bother volunteering to help, when the parties themselves do not campaign here?

  16. As much as I respect Sue Woodward for all the work she does, I can’t accept her “excuse” for a no-show on Mr Robot’s behalf.

    This is an election to become an MP. Presumably, if he was successful he would devote 100% of his time and efforts to being an MP?
    To my mind, that commitment includes campaigning – no matter if is a snap election. He needs to prove that 100% commitment in order to win the confidence of the voters.
    Frankly, he didn’t prove that 2 years ago and he certainly isn’t proving it now.

  17. Seems like lots of people locally considering to vote Labour. However what’s the point if the candidate can’t be bothered to show at two important public events? He might not have much chance of winning but it would be great to see Torys margin reduced so they start taking our seat seriously instead of leaving us with the half wit fabricant.

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