Chris Worsey

Labour’s General Election candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has called for an apology after the Greens criticised him for failing to attend two hustings event.

Chris Worsey

Chris Worsey was not present at either the Wade Street Church or Speakers’ Corner events after telling organisers that prior engagements meant he could not attend.

Green Party candidate Robert Pass said the move showed “democracy is not alive and well in Lichfield” and said it highlighted why electoral reform was needed.

But now his Labour rival has hit back after Mr Pass failed to attend a hustings session at South Staffordshire College saying that work commitments had prevented him from being there.

“So it was exactly the same as it was for me for the first two events then,” the Labour candidate said. “It was pretty poor for Rob to make such over the top comments.

“I think I’m owed an apology.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has also hit back at Mr Pass’ criticism after he missed the Speakers’ Corner event:


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7 replies on “Labour candidate calls for apology after Green Party rival criticises him for missing two hustings events”

  1. Hope Mr Robot isn’t after a face to face apology. That might mean he’d gave to come to Lichfield.

  2. His only visit to Lichfield, on Thursday and it’s going to be bad news.

    Makes you proud, the quality of candidate, we have to choose from.

  3. I agree with Darryl.

    3 days before the election and the Labour candidate is going down the road of petty political point scoring. It’s pathetic.

    The Greens are right, we do need electoral reform. Labour would surely have fielded a stronger candidate if they had a chance of beating Wiggy.

  4. I would have thought the hippy would be thanking the Luddite for not turning up? Burning all that petrol, adding to the greenhouse, killing the Earth and all that?

    We can’t all blame Worsty! He’s adopted the ways of the amish. Fighting against the machines in-order to save us from Skynet!

  5. Takes himself far to seriously, unlike Fabby who is the original “Wig on a stick” 2015 hustings clown.
    Probably a good thing for the other parties that he couldn’t make it.

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