Chris Worsey speaking at the hustings event at South Staffordshire College

Labour’s candidate for the General Election in Lichfield and Burntwood believes his party’s policies will win over younger voters.

Chris Worsey’s comments come after a hustings event at South Staffordshire College.

Chris Worsey speaking at the hustings event

Labour has outlined plans to woo younger voters, including introducing a living wage of £10 an hour, banning unpaid internships and scrapping tuition fees. Other proposals include reinstating EMAs and student grants.

Mr Worsey said: “It was an absolute pleasure to attend the hustings event and I’d like to thank the college for inviting me.

“The students were engaged, smart and confident. They reacted really well to the Labour message and I’d like to thank the group who serenaded me with a rendition of ‘Oooh Jeremy Corbyn’ as I left!

“People aged 18 to 24 are absolutely key to this election. If they turn out in numbers Labour could have a real shot at winning.

“I think Labour’s policies are really resonating with young people at this election.

“Young people are our future and I’m really proud of our policy offer to them.”


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10 replies on “Labour are winning over young voters, says Lichfield and Burntwood candidate”

  1. *Jeremy Corbyn is winning over young voters. The local LP have done sod-all to engage the young electorate.

  2. One would expect the youth to be more susceptible to bribes, especially as they won’t care who’s paying.

  3. Ha Ha Ha.

    As Toast pointed out, we’re only cheering Labour for the policies Corbyn has pushed for.

    However, the young in Burntwood & Lichfield have no reason to rally around yourself or any party in the local area. There has been no campaigning in my area (from any party). It seems we’ve all decided that Fabbers is the only leader for us.

    You don’t live here. You have never popped round to hear my local issues since you lost in 2015. You have merely been forced into the labour candidate seat, with a local party not willing to campaign for a win, and you have gave us no real choice.

    Why vote for a party that just does not care? Hey-Ho, Fabbers will happily stay in his seat, and there is no one to blame, as no 1 tried.

  4. James is spot on. Fab had s huge majority and will win. But surely if Labour were serious about the Lichfield seat they could work hard at reducing that majority thus putting Fab under pressure to actually deliver on something for the area for once. I suspect Fab would be exposed as the ineffective wind bag that he is if his majority was reduced. Then Labour could very well take the seat next time round.

  5. It infuriates me that the likes of Toast and James constantly moan about political parties failing to engage. That is just not true. I have been knocking on doors and delivering leaflets etc in this constituency since it was formed; I have met with 6th forms, youth groups etc; I regularly challenge the incumbent MP on his failures to……well, do very much at all, especially for Burntwood. Where have you been all my active political life?

  6. So why don’t you stand for election as our MP, Sue? This is the second time we’ve been lumped with this invisible man from Great Barr. Maybe if we had a passionate local party then more of us would get involved.

  7. I did, 20 years ago! Since then, I’ve been a councillor and easily contactable. Have you been in touch at all? Labour councillors have held advice surgeries every month, at least, since 1995. Have you called in? We’ve delivered thousands and thousands of leaflets. Have you responded? We get letters and emails from all over the constituency, the county, the UK – even from abroad – as Labour representatives. Have you ever written? And have you even tried to contact our candidate directly, as opposed to anonymously via LL? Conversations are two-way, you know.

    And for those who say, “I’ve never had a leaflet”, I’ll tell you a story. A couple of years ago, one woman started haranguing us that she’d had no communications from us (the newsletters that we produce, pay for and deliver ourselves), so we printed off the past two years’ worth and posted them through her door. No response. There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear.

    Your jibes against our candidate, Chris Worsey, for living in Walsall (shock, horror), even though he was brought up in this area, have been petty and pathetic. Few MPs represent the area they currently live in (Mr Fabricant came from Brighton) and can make excellent MPs. Conversely, the LD and Green candidates here were too self-absorbed to even consider discussing a single “progressive alliance” candidate.

  8. Sue.
    I sincerely hope that your response shuts up the doom mongers and naysayers on here.

    Although I am on the other side to Labour, I know from first hand experience how much work local councillors put in and for very little reward.

    The fact that you keep going in a constituency with no realistic chance of getting your candidate elected, shows your dedication to the cause.

  9. I’ve been a member for just over 12 months, Sue, and I’ve had one leaflet (Caroline Wood for Lichfield North) – nothing else. Emails from you or Peter Barrett are few and far between (and usually last minute, shock horror).

    When you’re not bashing the leader of our party on Twitter you’re now on here bashing party members. Why are you in politics if you’re so thin skinned?

    I’ll let you in on a secret; I was a member of Lichfield Cons for a few years, and even back in 2009 and despite most of the association being geriatric, they got more done. They emailed more, they arranged more social events, they were well planned. They were visible.

    Maybe that’s their secret?

  10. So what are you going to do about it, Toast? I look forward to you emailing me, perhaps responding for once to my “occasional” emails…..just sign “aka Toast” and it’ll give me a clue.

    (But probably not. You’d rather snipe on LL than actually do anything…..but I live in hope and look forward to the social event you will now arrange.)

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