Robert Pass

Voters have been warned that a Conservative victory in the General Election will see schools in Lichfield and Burntwood face deeper budget cuts.

Robert Pass

Robert Pass made his comments as the nation prepares to go to the polls once more tomorrow (June 8).

He said it was important voters recognised the scale of the issue around education.

“The scale of the Conservative cuts to school funding are huge,” he said. “The average primary school will have lost £103,000, and the average secondary school will have lost £470,000 by 2020.

“Headteachers are speaking of the impossible job they have to balance the books with 60% of secondary schools now running deficit budgets. Yet there is worse to come, with £ 3billion worth of cuts to come by 2022.

“Lichfield and Burntwood schools will be left with no option but to make staff redundancies, increase class sizes and cut extra-curricular activities.”

Mr Pass said the situation around school funding showed that the Conservatives were out of touch with what was happening on the ground.

“The people that fund and control the Tory Party are not interested in comprehensive education for all, they send their children to private school,” he said. “The Green Party is not controlled by elite interests and would deal with the massive neglect in our education system by plugging the £7billion spending deficit.

“We would bring academies and free schools under local authority control, abolish SATS and ensure teachers are free to teach.

“For parents who are concerned about the funding situation in their own child’s school I would recommend checking out the school cuts website.”

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7 replies on “Green Party candidate warns of bleak future for Lichfield and Burntwood schools under a Conservative government”

  1. Our schools are being cut to the bone, it’s absolutely awful! How anyone who sends their kids to a state school can vote Tory is beyond me!!

  2. A lack of education and a blind belief in the mainstream media is usually the cause of that type of behaviour Sue.

  3. The way that Mr Pass has conducted himself throughout this campaign has been fantastic. It’s great to see such a young soul so engaged in politics.

    I’m so very worried about what will go on in this country over the next few years. I do hope that lots of people turn out to vote. I have been a strong conservative supporter for many years but this country needs a change. I am willing to vote for change.

    Good luck to all the candidates. Mr Pass, the Green Party has my vote.

  4. Yes, we’re all shockingly poorly educated and experience absolutely nothing in life except what we are fed by the TV and newspapers.
    If only we could be like the brilliant, all-knowing, academics on the left.

  5. What nobody seems to get is that it is not only state schools but many grammars are under the financial cosh, as council monies dry up. The pressure is to form MultiAcademy Trusts, increasingly under private company ownership. Private companies, many based in the USA, have been poised for a while to develop this as a MARKET. Note the term! This is taxpayers money once again being fed to profit-making organisations or ones that pay their boards BIG salaries.
    The new head of OFSTED was a businesswomen who has never taught but has been CEO of a private educational company, ARK. These businesses, along with the Church of England in primary schools, are set to receive largesse from the government, alongside the disastrous and expensive free school programme.

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