Cllr Norma Bacon

The councillor at the centre of a co-opt row has been appointed as leader of Burntwood Town Council.

Cllr Norma Bacon

Cllr Norma Bacon was only elected onto the local authority last week after all but one Conservative member backed her appointment.

However, the move drew criticism from the Labour group who say an agreement had been reached to allow Rob Birch to fill the seat left vacant by Cllr Keith Willis-Croft’s resignation.

But in an email to councillors, Burntwood Town Council’s chief executive Mary Danby revealed that Cllr Bacon had now been appointed by the controlling Tory group.

She said: “Cllr Doug Constable has stood down as leader of the council due to ill health.

“Cllr Norma Bacon has been appointed as leader with effect from June 12. Cllr Heather Tranter continues as Deputy Leader.”

As well as representing Chasetown ward on Burntwood Town Council, Cllr Bacon also represents the Curborough ward on Lichfield District Council and the Leomansley ward on Lichfield City Council.

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9 replies on “Conservative councillor at centre of co-opt controversy named as new leader of Burntwood Town Council”

  1. She’s going to busy – and that’s just travelling between the three wards she now represents, let alone making it to meetings.
    Get her a car to use. I’m sure the voters of Chasetown, Curborough and Leomansley won’t mind.

  2. Unelected to Chasetown. No support from the public. Not longed moved here and now she is Leader of Bwood Council.

    This is an appalling by the Bwood Tories.

  3. Oh no, our poor souls in Burntwood have Bacon as leader, let’s brace ourselves for a load more Tory Porky Pies!

  4. Not elected – co-opted. It’s not the same thing at all and of course the Conservative Group will not be trusted again. But this has to be the most hilarious move ever by the Burntwood Tories since they voted for Cllr Mosson as Leader.

    To appoint someone representing 8,509 electors in Lichfield City and now 2,763 electors in Chasetown, who haven’t had the opportunity to vote for her by the way, makes Theresa May’s decision to call a panic General Election look like a brilliant political move.

    And why does her Lichfield City Council Register of Interest show a property in Dimbles Lane rather than one in Burntwood? Is that where her heart really is? After all she has been supporting the millions of pounds Lichfield District Council has given the Lichfield Garrick over recent years -until Burntwood Labour members embarrassed them into reducing the subsidy to a much reduced and fairer level. We will watch her voting record with great interest

  5. Norma ‘Blitzkreig’ Bacon rolls her tanks onto Burntwood’s lawn just days after ensuring pointless battle lines would be drawn between local politicians for years to come. The lady moves quickly for one of such extended years!

  6. How can you represent and support 3 different wards on 3 different councils and be Leader of one of the council’s!!!!!

    Someone please tell me, maybe Cllr Bacon herself might explain.

    From someone she so calls represents

  7. Democracy in action.
    This sums up why so many people are disillusioned with politics and politicians.
    No-one comes out of this well, least of all the people living in Lichfield and Burntwood.

  8. Burntwood TC is in serious need of good governance. It takes money off the taxpayer and delivers what exactly? And now their leader has only been a councillor for a matter of weeks and wasn’t even elected. Appointed after a dodgy deal.
    My theory is that local Tories don’t want to win the next election as dealing with Burntwood Town Council is too much of a pain. None of the few decent Tory Councillors like Doug Pullen want to be leader.

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