Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass

Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has been accused of hypocrisy and urged to conduct himself with more dignity and respect after claiming a General Election rival lacked charm.

Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass
Michael Fabricant and Robert Pass

Michael Fabricant made his comments after Green Party candidate Robert Pass had suggested the Tories could get a stuffed chicken elected as long as it wore a blue rosette.

The war of words broke out after Mr Fabricant had extended his majority in the Lichfield constituency last week.

The Conservative MP told LichfieldLive: “Robert Pass’s bitter comment demonstrates yet again the problem that dogged his campaign in Lichfield – one of lack of charm and of naivety.”

But Mr Pass has hit back, claiming his election rival should keep his own recent comments in mind.

“I won’t take any lessons in manners from Mr Fabricant,” the Green Party candidate said. “One only has to look at the constant stream of rudeness and name calling on his Twitter account.

“It’s worth pointing out that Mr Fabricant was the only candidate in this election that resorted to personal attacks on another candidate, at one point calling me a ‘pompous and charmless prig’.

“The hypocrisy of the man is breathtaking.”

Mr Pass also claimed that the Conservative MP’s record of public comments was not one to be proud of.

“Another prime example of his lack of charm comes from his comments about punching journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat,” he said. “The Green Party abhors hate speech of any kind in our society.

“As Lichfield’s MP he should conduct himself with more dignity and respect.”


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4 replies on “Green Party candidate accuses Lichfield and Burntwood MP of hypocrisy in stuffed chicken row”

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  1. Hear hear, Robert. I couldn’t agree more.
    It seems to be a Tory trait of MPs who think they are a cut above everyone else. Arrogant & self-satisfied.
    See how every time they are criticised they immediately start mud-slinging. To deflect attention away from their own failings. I’m making a general comment having watched many live recordings of House of Commons. They can give it out, but can’t take it themselves.
    There will never be a proper democracy as long as Tories are in power. Hopefully not long now before their downfall. For goodness sake – a Government dependent on 10 DUPs!

  2. Fabricant’s twitter page is full of negative abuse and silly point scoring.

    It’s such a shame that we don’t have a serious front-rank MP in Lichfield.

  3. Satire
    The use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Stuffed chickens wearing blue rosettes = Satire

    having a hostile or deliberately frightening quality or manner.
    “her mother had received a threatening letter”
    synonyms: menacing, intimidating, bullying, frightening, terrifying, scary, fearsome, mean-looking, alarming, forbidding, baleful.

    Threatening to punch a lady in the throat = The MP for Lichfield.

    Need we go on?

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