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A Burntwood councillor is urging locals to get in the saddle for National Bike Week. Staffordshire is hoping to build on cycling projects as part of the awareness event which takes place all this week. The county currently has 240km of rural cycle lanes and is home to more than 80km of the National Cycle Network.
Cllr Helen Fisher
Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet Support member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council, said: “Cycling is a great activity that can help keep people and families fit and active. “Whether it’s a gentle ride by the canal with the family or a more challenging hill climb you’re after, we’ll have something to suit. “We’re keen to see more people cycling for leisure and work and this is the perfect week to get started and join in the campaign. We’re also continuing our work in schools to encourage more active travel, and our Bikability training is making sure children can cycle safely.” For more details about cycle routes across Lichfield and Burntwood visit the Staffordshire County Council website.


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9 replies on “Burntwood councillor urges cyclists to get in the saddle for National Bike Week”

  1. Surely the potholes need to be filled before getting more people on the road!

    This woman is on Highways and Transport, and yet she would rather put on an easy event (good press) then get to work and start fixing the roads (real work).

    Don’t get me wrong. I bloody love a good bike ride. I would even like Councillor to add more bike roads throughout the county, but you need to actually fix the roads first. When will we hear news on that?

  2. Nice little used cycle path on Western bypass, which stops approximately 300 metres before The Friary school, if continued it would be ideal for getting from South Lichfield up to the School the leisure centre and the new Police station.

  3. Cycling in the constituency needs:
    1 Lichfield – Burntwood safe cycle lane or dual use footpath esepcially as Abnalls is a lethal 4×4 raceway
    2 Cycle lanes everywhere
    We do have some excellent routes, but much of the area suffers from the BMW/Audi/Range Rover/big exhaust drivers sod-you syndrome.
    I write as a road and MTB bike rider.

  4. I’d perhaps ask the Councillor why it’s taken nearly 2 years to fix the 40+ potholes in Rugeley Road, Burntwood. This is part of National Cycle Route 5.

  5. I agree with the other contributors. I would love to cycle more.

    The local roads, really deter me. I have been cycling for more years than I care to remember.

    But the quality of the roads, the volume of traffic and the amount of lorries, deter me.

    We have very little public transport in the area. Cycling would be a great way to get around the city. The roads though, are too dangerous.

    Builders lorries appear allowed to park wherever they wish. Forcing cyclists into the centre of the road. Then, having to swerve to avoid oncoming cars and lorries.

  6. I thoroughly support Cllr Fisher’s sentiments and would even suggest that for a modest outlay the council could consult both cyclists and walkers to make cheerful use of roads, cycleways and footpaths a norm in the area. Footpaths and green lanes need preservation, e.g. in the area between Wall Island and Packington Farm there are totally overgrown greenway/footpaths that form links with the Heart of the Midlands Way.

  7. Lichfield is great for cycling compared to Birmingham! Nearly all parts have a cycle lane into town, and virtually all districts have walkways and gulleys that you can cycle on with consideration. Traffic here is a fraction of that in Birmingham, and I actually feel drivers are in far less of a rush here in general.

    I see a much broader cross-section of people cycling here than in Brum or other parts of the West Midlands. There’s room for improvement here of course, but things could be a lot worse.

  8. Yes. Lichfield has some great cycle routes and roads. Just a pity that Burntwood is a lot lower down the priorities list.

    Should we mention the Health Centre? Welcome to boarded-up Burntwood.

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