Councillors say a £15million grant will be used to help protect social care services.

Staffordshire County Council has been awarded £30million over the next three years, with half of that figure coming this year.

The money has been earmarked for areas such as covering additional costs for older people and their carers to keep them living at home. There will also be support for people with learning disabilities.

Cllr Alan White

Cllr Alan White, Cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing at Staffordshire County Council, admitted that without the funding boost some of the current services may not have been delivered.

“The Government has recognised the incredible funding pressures to provide social care for an increasing number of elderly people in counties like Staffordshire with the limited budgets available,” he said. “This extra grant will help prevent some people from having to go into hospital by caring for them in their homes and communities where possible, will help towards paying increased care staff wage bills and will reduce delays in hospital discharges and assessments.

“However, while this funding is both welcome and needed to protect services, it is important to recognise that this is limited and it is more important than ever that people keep themselves as healthy and independent as possible and plan ahead for their later years.”

The report on how the funding will be spent is due to be discussed by a meeting of the county council’s Cabinet on June 21.


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2 replies on “Councillors outline plans to use £15million grant to help protect social care services”

  1. I know it won’t bring the valued Handyperson Service back for older and vulnerable people that his predecessor, Matthew Ellis, cut but does this mean that older and vulnerable people will now have the threat of having the maintenance of their stair lifts, lifts and other essential equipment withdrawn?

  2. £15 million? Whoopee.

    The county council spend on social care for the current financial year is £300 million. How much difference is an extra 5% really going to make? As usual, the Tories are trying to make a big deal of next to nothing.

    As for Alan White’s advice that we should try to stay healthy and independent – what a patronising, insulting crock. Nobody CHOOSES to get ill or grow old. The only choice here is the one made by the Tories to repeatedly cut funding and thus create the social care crisis we find ourselves in.

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