Cars parked around the Beacon Street area. Pic: BSARA

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Residents have been urged not to use cones to reserve parking spaces in Lichfield. People living around the Beacon Street area have long campaigned for restrictions to prevent city centre workers using local streets.
Cars parked around the Beacon Street area. Pic: BSARA
But some have now begun using cones as a deterrent. However, a spokesperson for the Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association have urged members not to do so. “We are aware that some residents are using cones to deter casual parking and placing their own notes to vehicle windscreens,” they said. “We are advised but he police that this action should not be taken. “If you have a problem you should report it to the authorities. “Unless the parked vehicle is contravening the law on the public highway, no action can be taken.” Despite issuing the guidance to residents, the group has said it understands the feelings of people living in the area. “Unfortunately, we can see no solution to the parking problems plaguing our streets,” they added. “We have sympathy for the residents of Beacon Street and the side roads who feel frustrated about the lack of action.”

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3 replies on “Residents urged not to use cones to prevent workers from parking on streets in Lichfield”

  1. I am flabbergasted at the lack of consideration and care for local council tax payers, there is lack of action by local council, total disinterest for their community. Why can we not have affordable car park costs so that both workers and shoppers are able to afford to utilise car parks! It is not rocket science and the councils are putting off shoppers coming into the city and blighting the lives of local residents. Emergency vehicles and waste collection vehicles are unable to gain access and even friends/carers have extreme difficulties in visiting the addresses required. Elderly persons are now put at risk at the awful situation caused by the non residents parking.

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