Lichfield Trent Valley station. Pic: Matt Buck

Passengers traveling on the cross city line to and from Lichfield this morning are still facing delays and cancellations.

The line was shut yesterday (August 1) due to overhead line problems in the Gravelly Hill area.

Although those issues are now believed to have been resolved a number of trains from both Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley stations have been cancelled this morning.

Network Rail has warned passengers that disruption could continue until 8am.


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2 replies on “Lichfield passengers facing further cross city line delays and cancellations”

  1. Rather than taking pointless publicity photos. It would be useful if our MP did something about this line now.

    Some of us, will be out of jobs if the Cross City Line continues like this. A number of us work in Birmingham or further along the line. The trains are so unreliable. It is not as if we can just jump on a bus and take a different route into work. We rely on the train.

    The only other alternative is to park my car close by, if the train is late I can then drive into Birmingham.

    I already catch trains 1 or 2 before I need to, so I have the chance to get to work on time if the trains have problems.

    We pay more to travel on this line, often get kicked off at Four Oaks or Blake Street, if the trains are running late.

    There is no room to expand the line as houses have been built all along it.

    Lichfield and all places along the route are expanding. At peak times, it is over capacity and getting worse.

    It is disgraceful that it has been allowed to get into this state.

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