Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP says a change of train operator “will undoubtedly benefit” passengers.

London Midland will no longer deliver services to and from Lichfield Trent Valley and Lichfield City stations.

The new train operator will be West Midlands Trains Ltd which will be run locally by a consortium of 16 local councils and the Department for Transport.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said a plan to improve services would be welcomed by local passengers.

Michael Fabricant

“The new West Midlands Trains franchise which will replace London Midland will undoubtedly benefit commuters from Lichfield Trent Valley and Lichfield City stations with 100 new carriages on the cross city line and compensation if there are delays of over 15 minutes,” he said.

“There will also be technical innovations with the roll out of smart ticketing and live passenger information. The existing wifi services will be expanded further.”

Mr Fabricant said he hoped the new operator would also support further expansion of local rail links.

He said: “West Midlands Trains will conduct feasibility studies into the opening of new stations in the West Midlands and I will be pressing for the opening of the Line from Lichfield Trent Valley to Burton for passenger traffic and the construction of a station at Alrewas to serve the National Memorial Arboretum and village of Alrewas.

“Finally, I wish the senior management of London Midland well. Many of the early problems first encountered by London Midland were resolved in recent years, but the new franchise will offer substantial improvements to passengers in the region.”

The new operator will take on local routes from December 2017.


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3 replies on “New West Midlands Trains franchise will undoubtedly benefit passengers, says Lichfield MP”

  1. There’s obviously some bandwagons now running on the cross city line as Michael Fabricant has been able to jump aboard one…

    This man’s brass marbles never cease to amaze me. He has stood by for all the years of London Midland service and watch them deliver consistently crap service in dilapidated stations and done nothing but make a few noises and take a few photos of himself. Any pressure is usually only linked to his own route between Lichfield and London. Where has he been while we’ve all been standing at Lichfield City station without a working toilet? Where has he been while we’ve all been watching services cancelled on the cross city line at the drop of a hat? Where has he been when London Midland has left passengers stranded at whichever stop they fancy? Where has he been when London Midland has supplied three car sets for busy rush hour services to and from Lichfield?

    If I were cynical I might believe that unnecessary West Midlands Mayor Andy Street’s trumpeting of the new franchise might be linked to Mr Fabricant’s sudden joy and fervour around it. Of course, that would suggest he’s a rampant opportunist looking for a quick opportunity to make it look like he’s doing something though…

    When it comes to putting pressure on under-delivering rail franchises, Michael Fabricant is the political equivalent of a snake oil salesman. All hot air and verbal farts. The new franchise must be looking forward to having an easy ride and doing as they like when it comes to Lichfield services as this particular MP somewhat ironically has about as much bite as a toothless pensioner.

    Don’t forget, our MP will not stand up for us in Lichfield if it risks upsetting his chum Mr Street in the big city. All aboard the gravy train……

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