Sandfields Pumping Station

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Vandals have struck once again at an historic building in Lichfield.
Sandfields Pumping Station
Sandfields Pumping Station was targeted last week but now the site has been targeted once more. Volunteers from Lichfield Waterworks Trust visited the site yesterday (August 26) to find someone had once again accessed the building and thrown washing up liquid up the walls and bleach on the floors. A spokesperson described the incident as vandals creating “mindless damage” to the Grade II* listed building. Repairs to the damaged window are expected to be carried out during the coming week in a bid to prevent further damage.


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6 replies on “Vandals strike once more at historic Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield”

  1. Kids have been spotted on the roof in recent days as well, it was reported to the police. The site clearly needs to be made more secure and unfortunately the Trust is opening itself up to claims if the scroats injure themselves.

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