Michael Fabricant at the Back British Farming event

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Lichfield’s MP has given his backing to the “vital role” played by farmers in the region.
Michael Fabricant at the Back British Farming event
Michael Fabricant was speaking after an event in Westminster hosted by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) who hope to persuade more people to join their Back British Farming campaign. The Conservative MP said it was crucial people recognise where there food is from – particularly with Brexit negotiations beginning. “Farming in the West Midlands contributes £828 million to the local economy and provides 42,903 jobs – this is on top of the safe, affordable food farmers produce and British countryside they maintain,” he explained. “There are so many worthy reasons to support British farmers – they are responsible for securing our fantastic British food supply, looking after our world-renowned countryside and sustaining a dynamic rural economy. “That is why I was proud to wear the NFU’s Back British Farming pin badge.”

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2 replies on “Lichfield MP supports NFU campaign calling on people to Back British Farming”

  1. Woooohahaha! all done while standing in front of a big picture of a farm while holding a previously prepared photo shoot veg basket whilst quoting from a script. I am moved by the heartfelt passion he has about farming…………..oh no wait, no i’m not, is that bovine excrement I can smell?

  2. I call on you (Fabricant) to back calls for the release of information into how Brexit will affect food prices, which the Defra has shamefully refused to release, stating ‘it is not in the public interest.’

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