Burntwood Town Council's offices at the Old Mining College Centre

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People are being urged to speak up about the future for Burntwood.
Burntwood Town Council’s offices at the Old Mining College Centre
A Neighbourhood Plan is being drawn up by Burntwood Town Council which will identify how developments across the area take place in future. As part of the process of drawing up the document, the council wants people to have their say on issues such as:
  • Burntwood Town Centre
  • Healthcare provision
  • Leisure facilities
  • Infrastructure
A public consultation will take place at Burntwood Library and at the Old Mining College Centre from 10am to 2pm on November 4. Councillor Richard Mosson, chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee said: “I would encourage peopl to visit one of the events as this is their chance to have your say regarding the future of Burntwood.”


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8 replies on “Residents urged to have their say on the future of Burntwood in Neighbourhood Plan consultation”

  1. How exciting and inspiring! I’m definitely up for giving my time up for these Tory councillors who can’t be bothered. What was it Mosson said about his allowances? Can someone remind me?

  2. I know it is difficult with Councillor Mosson – but please keep up – and don’t turn up. It has been “postponed” until next year!

    As a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee I’m not surprised. It was a year before he got it going again after our initial start on 23rd June 2014.

  3. On it? Started it!

    Had first consultation with local groups in 2014 and involved wider public later. Ensured Burntwood’s 6th form students had an opportunity to comment on the emerging in July last year. Gave a presentation to a public meeting of WS7 event. Surveyed two of our shopping centres for the Committee,. Commented on the publicity that Lichfield Live has given to the Neighbourhood Plan over the years and now disheartened by the stuttering and delayed process since the Conservatives took charge of the Plan.

    Now it looks like the Town Council has given up control of the process.

    Anyone missing this over the last 3 1/2 years needs to get out more – unless they don’t live in Burntwood of course.

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