The award-winning Danish band Habadekuk played a lively set of largely instrumental music when they appeared at Lichfield Guildhall as part of their national tour.

The charismatic team of talented musicians played songs from their most recent album, Mollveit, as well as music from their previous releases.

Led by spirited violin, and with a full brass section, lively drums and double bass, keyboards and accordion, the band consisted of trombonist Anders Ringgaard, trumpeter Jakob Holdensen, Rasmus Fribo on Saxophones, drummer Rasmus Brylle, double bassist Mathæus Bech, pianist Theis Juul Langlands, Peter Eget on accordion and recent award winner Kristian Bugge on Fiddle.

With a sound that concentrated on creating a solid groove and dance rhythms, there were also elements of classical chamber music, rousing gospel keyboards and jazz from the brass section.

With the traditional musics of many areas sharing the same foundation, there were pieces that were familiar from celtic sounds, with spirited jigs, reels, and slow airs mixing in with lively polkas, and appalachian forms that bought to mind the music of such composers as Aaron Copeland or the wistful saxophone sound of Jan Garbarek on slower ballads such as Habadekuk, with its gently building internal dynamic or the spirited and lively Viggo Post or Kingo and Hans Jensen.

The group were all very talented musicians, with each player given time to solo and the musical arrangements were all well thought out and sound projection was also of the highest standard.

Although the band are more used to playing to festival audiences, they did very well within the acoustic surroundings of the Guildhall, bringing a new sound and a new style to an unfamiliar audience.