Erasmus Darwin House. Pic: Bs0u10e01
Paranormal investigators are set to descend on an historic Lichfield building next year.
Erasmus Darwin House. Pic: Bs0u10e01
The group will visit Erasmus Darwin House overnight on March 18 2018 in a bid to contact the spirit world. Members of the Paranormal Friends group will explore the family home of Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin. The group’s co-founder, Christopher Morris, said: “To be able to investigate Erasmus Darwin house is not only a privilege, but an incredibly exciting prospect. “The live-in caretaker of the house has told us that she has heard unexplained voices in the house and also has seen imprints on her bed as though someone or something is sitting on it. She has never been able to explain any of this.” Christopher added that the group would use methods such as Victorian-style seances, table tipping and human pendulums as part of their investigations. “We will start the night in the Lunar Room – the actual room where the Lunar Society met,” he said. “Here they came to share ground-breaking ideas of the time, some of which are still important to us today. “We will be able to investigate the huge and somewhat foreboding cellars where it is known that dissection of bodies actually took place. Sadly, Erasmus Darwin’s first wife Polly died in the house in 1770, so there is a history of death linked to the building too. “We can’t wait to fully investigate the house, including the parlour, the inventions room and the study. For 20 years, this house was the base for Darwin’s medical practice, for his scientific experiments, meetings of the Lunar Society, and such inventive schemes as the construction of the Trent and Mersey Canal. Amid all this, the house was also the centre of family life.” Tickets to the event cost £30 and can be booked by visiting


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  1. Probably better to spend their time at MF’s gaffe. We would all like to know if there’s any sign of activity there be it paranormal or otherwise

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