A bridge strike on St John Street in Lichfield

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A Lichfield bridge is one of the most likely to be hit by a lorry in Britain, according to figures released by Network Rail.
A bridge strike on St John Street in Lichfield
The St John Street bridge had been struck 86 times since 2009 – making the sixth most hit in the country. Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is now asking officials for answers to help prevent future incidents. “I am told that once again it is often due to truck drivers taking a short cut and treating roads in Lichfield as a rat run,” the Conservative MP said. “While I am not calling for a weight limit yet on roads like St John Street in Lichfield, I will be asking County Highways to conduct a detailed study into whether there needs to be additional warning signs from the south of the railway bridge. “It seems that already very clear signs on the bridge itself are not attracting the attention of truck drivers.” The figures were revealed as part of a campaign by Network Rail urging lorry drivers to know the height of their vehicles to avoid crashing into railway bridges and causing hours of disruption for train passengers. There are almost 2,000 railway bridge strikes every year, costing the taxpayer around £23million in damages and delays. Sir Peter Hendy, chairman of Network Rail, said: “Size does matter when you’re a professional driver in a heavy vehicle. “Every incident creates potential delay for tens of thousands of passengers and potential costs for taxpayers, and this is happening multiple times a day. “It’s only a matter of time before road or rail users are killed as a result of this carelessness. We need professional HGV drivers and their operator employers to get behind and support this campaign to eradicate bridge bashing, which reaches epidemic levels at this time of year.”


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5 replies on “Figures reveal Lichfield bridge is one of the most likely to be a hit by a lorry in Britain”

  1. This is a problem the SCC have known about for years.They have done nothing to address it.They are so short sighted it borders on contempt. The only way to address it is to make all HGVs circumnavigate around Lichfield unless delivering. The Bypasses are there already. The alternative route for the HGVs when confronted by the bridge? is up Cherry Orchard past 3 Schools and over a very small bridge over the railway,very clever.


  2. I am sure the Friarsgate development, can move this bridge up to number 1 in the table.

    I actually observed one lorry hit this bridge. The speed he was driving, he would not have had chance to read the low bridge sign.

    The bridges are crazy, this one has loads of HGV’s squeezing to get under it. Just up the road, HGV’s swing into the middle of the road and force everyone else out of the way.

  3. Why not build a metal frame, like you have at airport multi-storey car parks that stops over height vehicles going in,like goalposts,about 30 yards before the bridge,at he maximum height to get under the bridge, hit the frame means you can’t get under the bridge.
    All you do then is replace the frame, and don’t have to repair the bridge?

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