A specialist school in Lichfield has launched a video to help parents spot signs their children may have dyslexia.

The new film, by Maple Hayes Dyslexia School, is designed to highlight the key signs in children who have recently moved to secondary school.

Headteacher Dr Daryl Brown said symptoms often became more obvious at this stage of education.

“It’s not uncommon for children with dyslexia to progress in early school years but struggle with the higher educational demands of later primary and secondary school,” he said.

“We created this video to raise awareness and help parents understand the common traits of dyslexia. Hopefully this will mean more families can recognise the condition earlier on and get proper support.”

The video includes seven common symptoms of dyslexia and examples of words that pupils should be able to read and write by certain ages.

Dr Brown added: “At Maple Hayes we are dedicated to helping children with dyslexia and spotting it early is vital to making sure they receive the correct educational support they need.”

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