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Households in Lichfield and Burntwood will get their first chance to sign up for brown bin collections in the coming months. Lichfield District Council is introducing the controversial charges – dubbed ‘the bin tax’ by local Labour councillors – from January. Residents will have to pay £36 for each garden waste bin to be collected fortnightly from the start of 2018. Information on how to sign up for the service will be sent out to households, alongside details about black and blue bin collections over the festive period and the year ahead. Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for operational services, leisure and waste at Lichfield District Council, said: “With the reducing contribution from central government to help us run our services, we hope residents will understand the financial pressures we face, and that by charging for the service – rather than stopping it – we can keep offering a garden waste service. “We recognise residents won’t welcome the extra charge, but by introducing a producer-pays policy, only the households that use the service will pay for it.” Labour say Conservative-controlled Lichfield District Council is now feeling the pain of Tory policies in Westminster.
Cllr Sue Woodward
Cllr Sue Woodward, leader of the opposition Labour group, added: “It’s a consequence, of course, of the Government’s austerity agenda which is starving councils of resources – even those of the same political colour. “Tory councillors so far have been silent about this, even though the financial forecasts have predicted that the harshest impacts on services will come over this next couple of years, but chickens are now coming home to roost. “They were warned. The Labour opposition group argued against the bin tax on all three occasions it was scrutinised but Tory councillors just went along with it. ” People can sign up online for the brown bin collections from December 15.


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27 replies on “Homes in Lichfield and Burntwood to be sent details of how to sign up for new £36 brown bin collections”

  1. Anyone know what the council do? For example, if your family works, aside from emptying the bins weekly, what do they do? What do you get for your money?

    The grass verges are overgrowing, there’s litter all over the place, can’t have a speed camera on Birmingham Road – no money, potholes, road lines faded and hard to see etc. etc.

    What do they do? Very little it seems.

  2. In that case i’ll return all my bins. Half the time they dont even empty them. Council tax is crippling enough so to pay additional costs id rather return my bins. I dont have a garden yet for some reason i have a brown bin.

  3. How will the bin men (sorry refuse collectors) know who’s paid for their collection. The cynic can see the scenario of others who haven’t paid using bins of those who have.

  4. Totally agree with Darryl, all these charges will mean more cost for working people, i know its £36 but enough is enough, Im sick and tired of Lichfield district council and its time to say NO

  5. They use the money to buy ipads for the bin men so they can take pictures of your rubbish then they have evidence that your bin was not emptied due to it being contaminated by a bag or a leaf! After the bin men have been down our street there loads of rubbish that has fallen from the bins and truck and they don’t bother to clean it up!

  6. Are there any figures available showing how much this will cost to administer against what income will be generated therefore showing what adavntage there is in charging, or is it just a paper service to obtain some sort of initiative award ?

  7. Residents can always ask Fabricant if he is happy with the knock on effect of reducing Council funding. Of course there will be no point in having any extra speed cameras anywhere in Staffordshire or Stoke on Trent as the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner only has 14 of the 272 current ones switched on.

  8. If I decide not to pay for this service, what’s stopping me:

    – Putting my garden waste at the bottom of my black bin? (There’s usually plenty of room)
    – Putting my garden waste in a neighbour’s brown bin?
    – Putting my garden waste in a neighbour’s black bin?
    – Putting my brown bin outside a neighbour’s house who has paid for the new service?

    If any Elected Members or Council employees could answer I’d be very grateful. Thank you.

  9. Mine went back 9 months or more ago when they first mentioned they were thinking about it. Very creative thinking on the part of the council. I wait to see how much has been spent on informing residents against the savings gained.

    I know it might fly in the face of the liberal left down in the big city but hows about sending the Syrian refugees back home now it’s settled down a bit, sell the houses you may or may not have purchased and use the money saved on something that might benefit the long suffering local council tax paying residents…just a thought!!

  10. I think the liberals are still some way off this thought process Nelly:
    Our refugee repatriation performance hasn’t been particularly impressive over the years, although they only ever come here to flee “war-zones” it seems like their wars just drag on and on. Obviously, just as the war’s showing signs of decline distant family members suddenly feel compelled to exercise their “human-rights” and shack up with their kin over here.
    I wish you luck.

  11. How will the council measure the success of this?

    I have spoken to a number of people with large gardens, who have said, they will just put their garden waste in the grey bin. This will then increase the cost the council will have to pay in landfill charges.

    The council should have a day out to Birmingham and see what charging for garden waste, bulky waste …… does, there is more dumping. This then costs the council a fortune to clear this up.

    What does the council do? Meetings, reports and they are excellent at sending out threatening letters, the second you struggle to pay the amazingly high council tax.

    The amount of services that are being cut is dreadful. The city is expanding constantly. The council tax still increases every year.

  12. I don’t know, these muslims coming over here. Only last week they were (theoretically) unhappy about new unisex toilets at the Old Mining College, and now they’re responsible for the council charging us extra for our green waste collections.

    I’m really looking forward to reading from Rob (and Nelly) about whatever hilarious exploits they are going to get up to next!

  13. Only person mentioning muslims in this thread is you, AA. Did you think the entire Syrian population was of the muslim faith?
    Maybe you’re stalking me too quickly these days and not giving yourself sufficient time to co-ordinate your insults?
    Anyway, no need for you to wait to read “about whatever hilarious exploits they are going to get up to next” as they seem to be occuring inside your own head.

  14. If we all have compost heaps or bins we do not need a brown bin, so can we get rid of it?
    I lived in Holland for 12 years where the local council collected everything from garden waste and kitchen waste and left a bag of compost for each home once a year.
    The council want us to recycle, so why are we charged for it when they sell their compost to farmers metc?

  15. Garden waste from the brown bin and recycled from the blue bins should provide an income for the council.
    Its the land fill from the black bins that should be reduced so if there is to be a charge then charge for that.

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