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A project supporting domestic abuse victims across Lichfield and Tamworth will be able to provide more “life-saving and life-changing” work after being boosted by more than £90,000 of Government funding. The money has been secured by Tamworth Borough Council, in partnership with Lichfield District Council. It will be used by the Pathway Project to allocate more places to women with additional needs across its 20 refuge units and house. The Department for Communities and Local Government has awarded £92,600 to improve services to victims of domestic abuse who need extra help with issues such as substance misuse, mental health problems or disabilities, as well those from black and minority ethnic or LGBTQ communities. Pathway Project director, Kathy Coe, said: “Refuge is sometimes the only way to safeguard a family from domestic abuse. “Thanks to the funding we can now sustain our refuges and ensure they are able to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable women and children in our communities. “We are delighted that this vital life-saving and life-changing work can continue making a difference.” The charity said demand for domestic abuse support in Lichfield and Tamworth is far greater than the help available. In 2015/16, a total of 83 women and 90 children were supported, but applications were received from a further 216 families. Cllr Doug Pullen, Cabinet Member for regulatory services, housing and wellbeing at Lichfield District Council, said: “This funding will mean so much to the Pathway Project and the work that they can do to support women from across Lichfield and Tamworth when they are at their most vulnerable.”

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3 replies on “Funding boost for project providing “life-changing” support for domestic abuse victims in Lichfield”

  1. Has Dougie Pulloff anything to say about housing benefit being stopped next year for women in hostels? Quote from womens aid : The latest government document detailing the proposed changes contains a caveat that funding for refuges will be looked at in November 2018, but provides no further details or reassurance. In little-publicised proposals, the government plans to remove refuges and other forms of short-term supported housing from the welfare system.

    It would mean vulnerable women fleeing abusive partners will not be able to pay for their accommodation using housing benefit, the last guaranteed source of income available to refuges. On average, housing benefit makes up 53% of refuge funding.

  2. Hi Strumpet – this is something I’ve been following closely as it is an issue which is close to my heart.

    The consultation document from the Government suggests that funding will be provided by the Local Authority rather than HB, so it is not true to say that it is being removed from the welfare system.

    That said, there is clearly a concern (which I share) that, nationally, councils have many competing priorities and, as the residents of refuges typically come in from outside of the authority, it will be difficult for a council to anticipate and meet needs in a sufficiently timely matter.

    I have written to our MP on this matter.

    However; within Lichfield District we are very close to Pathway (amongst other organisations) and I am certain we will continue to provide the resource and close attention that it requires.

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