Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

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Lichfield’s MP has tabled a motion aiming to halt HS2 in its tracks – but admits he does not expect it to cause the controversial rail project to hit the buffers.
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
The high speed rail line will cut through parts of the city and surrounding villages.
Michael Fabricant
Mr Fabricant tabled his motion insisting there were better options to improve capacity north of the Midlands and that the route would “unnecessarily” damage the environment, including ancient woodlands and waterways. Other issues raised by the Conservative MP included inadequate compensation and a failure to provide “sufficient public transport to disperse HS2 passengers disembarking at London Euston”. But Mr Fabricant said he was aware his so-called ‘wrecking amendment’ would likely be a futile effort. “So why did I bother to table the motion?” he said. “I wanted to give all the reasons why I think HS2 is so badly designed as a railway. “It is far more expensive than it need be – some estimate the cost to be in excess of £75billion – and the environmental impact is appalling. “Meanwhile I have farmers and homeowners desperate not only because of the rail line itself as it cuts a swathe though virgin Staffordshire countryside, but also due to the quarrying work and extra roads having to be constructed alongside the line.” Mr Fabricant said the bigger picture of the route was also not being considered. “HS2 does not connect with the continent as we were originally told it would. Instead you have to change stations and tramp across London along with all your luggage,” he said. “It does not even connect with Heathrow Airport or Birmingham New Street Station. “And by ignoring the proposals for HS2 originally proposed by Arup consulting, instead of travelling up an existing transport corridor – the M40 – minimising the environmental impact and cost, it smashes through the Lichfield constituency.”

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8 replies on “Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant admits his ‘wrecking amendment’ is unlikely to put the buffers on HS2”

  1. ‘Wrecking amendment,’ otherwise known as ‘I disagree in public, because I want the people of Lichfield to think I care, but I have previously voted FOR or ABSTAINED from HS2 voting, but then voted WITH the government.’

  2. This is a terrible waste of money and poorly designed, but the only game in town for this government who are proving to be pretty shambolic across the board. Despite experts and committees suggesting alternatives that are cheaper and better it won’t get changed as those who are “promised” the contracts have the govt in their pocket. A real gravy train! Also most of the public unaffected and out of the HS2 corridor simply don’t understand or care so any opposition looks weak and ineffective and just nimbyism rather than actually the reasons not to do this far outweigh the reasons to do it. Michael is right on both counts , it’s a rubbish idea and his amendment won’t work.

  3. Well Mr F certainly has been “vocal” – albeit ineffectual about HS2 – and silent over the threat to GP services or the Green Belt in Burntwood. Or the cuts in Social Services, Youth Services or Community Transport or charging for Brown Bins etc. What is the point of this MP?

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