The iced-over bridge leading from Lichfield Trent Valley station's rear car park

Transport chiefs have defended their decision not to grit the access road to Lichfield Trent Valley station.

The iced-over bridge leading from Lichfield Trent Valley station’s rear car park

A number of motorists were forced to abandon their cars over the weekend after the hill up to the railway bridge from the rear car park became covered in ice, leaving many drivers unable to navigate the slope.

The route is not on Staffordshire County Council’s list of routes for gritting – and Cllr Helen Fisher said the scale of the challenge facing gritting crews in recent days meant only essential routes could be treated.

Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet support member for highways and transport, said: “Our fleet of 43 gritters is out every night at the moment to keep the county on the move in often very difficult conditions.

“In periods of prolonged bad weather, if we can spare gritters from the main routes we will grit other roads as we can.”

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