Eastern Avenue outside the Friary School. Pic: Google Streetview

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New plans to restrict waiting outside a Lichfield school have been branded “dangerous and problematic”. Proposals have been drawn up to impose a no waiting at any time outside the Friary School on Eastern Avenue.
Eastern Avenue outside the Friary School. Pic: Google Streetview
The move comes ahead of the opening of the new police headquarters which will see emergency vehicles exiting the site. But a statement from The Friary School said the changes would cause major issues for parents. “All parents who drop off and pick up will be aware that there is a 15 minute window at the start and end of the day where it can be a little hectic outside the school, but with many families travelling significant distances from our large catchment area they have little option,” a school spokesperson said. “It is hard to imagine any school not being busy at certain times, but with staff on duty and the zebra crossings, we can help ensure children are safe as we have a realistic area to supervise. “These new plans will make busy arrangements a great deal more dangerous and problematic for both families and residents. “We wholly disagree with this proposal.” A consultation process began in December and will close on January 15. In a letter outlining the plans, Sandeep Aheer, senior transport planner at Staffordshire County Council said: “This scheme will ensure that traffic flow along Eastern Avenue is not obstructed by parked vehicles and will help maintain a safe access and egress from the new police building development.” But a spokesperson for the school said safety of pupils would be impacted if the changes get the go-ahead. “Last term a student was seriously injured in a road accident while walking down unpaved parts of Eastern Avenue,” the school added. “This plan will see hundreds more students having to walk down narrow or non-existent walkways. “This issue appears to be compounded by the fact that the decision has been made to have blue-light, emergency call-outs coming right down this road. “The proposals are tied to the setting up of the new police facilities on Eastern Avenue which unfortunately have been poorly designed so that police vehicles have to leave the site on blue-light emergency call-outs right beside the main gates and zebra crossing of our 1,000 student secondary school, rather than on the A51 on the other side of the building. “With the consultation being run over the Christmas period we would urge parents to get involved and oppose this change. “There are clear road markings protecting the police site entrance and exit so there should be no parking blockages and the police will be best placed to deal with any individual parent who does not comply with road markings. “It is difficult to understand why a police officer could not leave the building for half an hour a day for the first couple of weeks to ensure arrangements bed in well.” County Councillor Helen Fisher, Cabinet support member for highways and transport said:  “We are currently consulting on a proposal for a traffic regulation order (TRO) in this area, as a result of planning permission being granted to Staffordshire Police for the building of new police facilities. “These are only proposals at the moment – we want to hear what local people think and would encourage them to respond to the consultation which ends on January 15. “The responses will then be reviewed before a final decision is made on whether to implement the order under the usual TRO process.” People can send their responses to the consultation over the plans by sending an email titled Eastern Avenue TRO to highways@staffordshire.gov.uk.

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10 replies on “Criticism of “dangerous” plan to introduce new parking restrictions stopping parents from picking up pupils outside Lichfield school”

  1. Well thought out new police station then , should have thought about access when it was built , also many parents drop children off and then go straight to work and visa-versa , or is the mentality behind this that no one works in Lichfield. Police station should have been built elsewhere full stop.

  2. Dave, I’m certain that they understand that people work, but it is not a necessity for their children to need dropping off right outside the school gates to allow them to get to work. With the state of children’s health being so adversely affected by lack of exercise, it is wise to restrict the amount of times that they get dropped off at school anyway as to increase their well-being, and I’m certain that any parent can drop their child, if needs be, in another more suitable location a little further from the school gates.

  3. I agree with Perkins. If you need to drop your kids off and then drive to work (sorry, we don’t all have the luxury of working in Lichfield), why not just pootle down Grange Lane or Stafford Road and make them walk the rest of the way? Perhaps go a bit further down and park up near Morrisons, then get your kids to walk the rest of the way. Heck, park at Beacon Park, grab a coffee in the cafe, then walk from there. Then they can sit at home on their XBox things later and you’ll know they’ve at least walked half a mile or a mile in their day.

    Heck, go for gold. Why not just pull up at the Hedgehog, have a nice breakfast, wave your kids off to school, then drip your toast into the remaining beans and go to work?

    OK.. the breakfast idea is making me hungry.. perhaps register at the Friary Grange gym, tell your boss that all those cooked breakfasts are making you fat and, in the interests of “staff wellbeing” you need to arrive 30 minutes later and have a shorter lunch so you can exercise. Then you head to the gym at 8.45, your kid(s) get out, walk to the school next door, you go to the gym, get some exercise because you had too many sausages, and arrive at work at 9.30 all refreshed.

    BOOM! Sorted it.

    Mmm… sausages…

  4. There’s parking restrictions on the part of the road already, the school hatchings and the pedestrian crossing.

    I don’t go that way often these days, but when I did I can tell you it was routinely ignored.

    With the police being very close by perhaps parents will think twice about how they park, but I doubt it.

    Considering the school, residential area and Eastern Supposidly a 40 mph section of road, perhaps the council should look at traffic calming measures as, with most roads, an awful lot of drivers consider speed limits optional.

  5. Boohoo, the poor little dears will have to walk a little bit further than the current 50m from front door to car to school.
    Seriously, I used to ride my bicycle 4 miles to school, in any weather. Other kids in my generation either walked, took the bus or did the same as me. What happened?!

  6. I also do not work in Lichfield , live in Lichfield but have a 20 mile commute to work, are you saying a 11 year old should walk from one end of Eastern Avenue to the other in the dark in the mornings , shall we all make the little dears do this walk then as they are sure to be safe , as for parking, yes I use the side roads.

  7. I don’t think anyone has ever accused the planning department of having any common sense.

    They look at everything in isolation, not part of the whole local environment. They would agree a safari park to surround the school, as long as the application mentioned jobs, shops, sustainability….

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