Paul Ray

People have been urged to make sure they vote on the new Lichfield City Neighbourhood Plan.

A referendum on the draft document will take place on February 22.

Paul Ray

Cllr Paul Ray, Liberal Democrat Councillor on Lichfield City Council, said the proposals would have a “positive impact” on the city.

“Residents in central Lichfield will have received their voting cards over recent days for the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan,” he said.

“This is important and if passed will make a positive impact on Lichfield.

“Neighbourhood Plans are an initiative to enable communities decide on the future of the places where they live and the Lichfield Neighbourhood Plan has cross-party support.”

If the document is approved after the referendum it will mean Lichfield City Council would receive 25% of Community Infrastructure Levy contributions from developers when they build in the area, instead of just 15%.

Cllr Ray said it would hand more power to the council to improve infrastructure for the local community.

“The Lichfield City Neighbourhood Plan focuses on economic and employment issues. I have long argued that Lichfield needs to actively grow its economy due to the highly skilled workforce here in Lichfield and our excellent road and rail links.

“At present most workers who live in Lichfield travel out of the area. We can and must attract more employment to Lichfield.

“So the Neighbourhood Plan looks to deal with this while protecting the city’s historic character by focusing in particular on increasing the level of employment, encouraging more start-up businesses, increasing local retail spend and tourism, and improving pedestrian access into and around the city centre and between Lichfield City Station and Trent Valley Station.

“In my view these are all really important issues for Lichfield and I urge all residents to vote to support the Lichfield City Neighbourhood Plan on February 22.”


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