The Lichfield Re:Cycle trishaw

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A local group is hoping to help isolated members of the community to get out and experience – and remember -the joy of cycling. Lichfield Re:cycle, which already reconditions used bikes, provides free long term loan bikes to those in need and organises community cycling events, has been touring Lichfield and Burntwood with a trishaw. Community groups have been invited to take a ride in the rickshaw style vehicle, to see whether there is any appetite for a ride service to be offered locally. If there is, it’s hoped the money can be raised to purchase a Trishaw and provide a free service that helps people in the community who are at risk of isolation – such as the elderly, lonely people, those with disabilities or mental health issues – to remain active and improve their wellbeing. The Trishaw is on loan from global charity, Cycling Without Age, who promote the idea of the “right to wind in your hair” invoking the pleasant feeling from cycling that many can identify with. In a TED talk from 2014, founder Ole Kassow told the story of the positive benefits of their trishaw rides. As well as assessing the demand for a ride service, Lichfield Re:cycle are asking interested people to come forward to volunteer. The project would need riders to cycle the electric power-assisted trishaw around Lichfield and Burntwood, administration help and storage for the vehicle. With a setup cost of £7,000 and annual running costs of £1,500 the project – which would be independent – would also need funding. Those involved hope the benefits will appeal to local government, business and charities as well as individuals enough to help with the costs. Anyone interested is asked to get in touch with Lichfield Re:cycle via their website.