Ben Kibble-Spencer being presented with his new boots by Ben Foulds

A grass roots Lichfield rugby player who struggled to find boots to fit his enormous size 17 feet has been handed a custom-made pair by manufacturer Adidas.

Ben Spencer-Kibble being presented with his new boots by Ben Youngs

The amazing hand out came after the brand learnt of Ben Spencer-Kibble’s cry for help through his family, his local club and the RFU, and came to his rescue.

The bespoke and striking red and white boots Adidas created for the teenager, who plays on the 2nd row, were even presented to him by England and Leicester Tigers’ scrum half Ben Youngs.

The 17-year-old, of Kings Bromley, who is in his fifth season with Barton-under-Needwood’s Rugby Club, has earned the nickname “Big Ben” – both for his towering stature, of 6ft 7in, and the size of his feet.

But he had been forced to play in American football boots that were held together with duct tape and were “ridiculously heavy” as his family couldn’t find him a new pair to fit.

Now he’s looking forward to playing in comfort.

Ben’s mum Vicky Kibble-Spencer, said: “We had been trying to get a new size 17 pair of Rugby boots for our Big Ben but with no joy. So, we contacted RFU for help who in turn contacted Adidas and both the club and Ben’s coach Kev Denver also got involved in helping.

“Thank you to everyone involved it’s meant such a lot to him. It really is a very much appreciated gift at grass roots level and to top it off to be presented with them by England scrum half was amazing and truly inspirational.

“Ben has been blown away by it all. Thanks to everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts. We are really truly humbled and truly grateful.”

Ben said: “A lot of people have worked behind the scenes to achieve this and I’m very grateful. It’s just nice to have a pair of boots that fit.”