Labour councillors in Burntwood have called on the Conservatives to ensure local grit bins are refilled. The opposition group tabled a motion at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council calling for powers to be devolved to a local level. The group say not enough grit has been delivered to allow local residents to help keep roads clear.
Cllr Diane Evans
Cllr Diane Evans, leader of the Labour group, said: “We were all contacted by people across the town who wanted to help their neighbours by spreading grit, particularly on steep roads, but who were unable to do so because the grit bins were empty. “We commend those public-spirited volunteers who help out in periods of bad weather and are delighted that there are so many willing hands. It says a lot about our town and its community spirit. “Because of budget cuts, Staffordshire County Council seemed unable to refill the bins in a timely way so we as Labour councillors think it’s time to take action more locally, via the town council. “We want the council to take this essential task on so that we can respond more quickly to local concerns.” Fellow Labour representative Rob Birch said all but one of the 18 grit bins in his Boney Hay and Central ward were empty during the recent cold snap – and he believes the town council can do more. “My colleagues supported the idea of putting this proposal to the town council and I am pleased to say that the Leader and Deputy Leaders want to look at this in more detail and take the idea forward,” Cllr Birch said. “This sort of problem happens every winter and then, when the warmer weather comes, we all tend to forget about it. That’s why we now have the chance over these next few months to negotiate with the County Council how we as the local council take on this responsibility. “Rather than spending taxpayers’ money on trivia, let’s focus on the most important matters like the safety of our residents.”


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  1. @StaffordshireCC
    Very difficult driving conditions in Rochester ave / lulworth rd, burntwood for parents to drop students off at chase terrace tec collage, Still no grit bin refill from December last year, this situation could be sorted out locally.
    Have been told again and again by SCC will get round to filling the grit bin when we can.
    We also have the added presents of a sink hole in the road so when that will get sorted only Amey knowns, they have been to have a look almost a week later.

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