Staffordshire County Council says grit bins in Burntwood will be restocked “when resources are available”.

A survey by Burntwood Town Council’s Labour member Rob Birch found that all but one of the 18 bins in his Boney Hay and Central ward were empty following the recent cold snap.

Cllr Helen Fisher

But Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet support member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council said decisions on using resources needed to be prioritised.

“Our gritting crews’ main focus during the cold weather is to keep the roads clear and the county moving,” she said

“In addition to our main gritting routes, we have around 4,000 salt bins and piles at locations across the county enabling local residents to treat road junctions and other areas that can be particularly difficult to negotiate in icy weather conditions.

“These grit bins are always filled at the start of the winter season and are refilled when required and when resources are available.”

There are are now calls for the powers and financing for maintaining stocks of grit to be devolved to Burntwood Town Council.

Cllr Diane Evans

Cllr Diane Evans, leader of the Labour group on Burntwood Town Council, said: “Because of budget cuts, Staffordshire County Council seemed unable to refill the bins in a timely way so we as Labour councillors think it’s time to take action more locally, via the town council.

“We want the council to take this essential task on so that we can respond more quickly to local concerns.”

Cllr Fisher said the county council were keen to work with communities to help keep local paths clear.

“A number of proactive communities already work with the county council as part of the Ice Buster scheme and organise the treatment of local footways to help people to safely access local services,” she said.

“We would be happy to work with the Town Council to consider how this scheme could be extended in their area.”

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  1. Lets lay the problem out as it is. Road safety is a term only used by Staffordshire County Council when it applies to speeding. It’s like the state of the roads locally. Councils spout on about road safety when they are out generating revenue with road safety cameras, entrapping motorists with ever changing road layouts, temporary speed limits, bus lanes, shared car lanes, ticketing vehicles after 5 mins in a loading bay and whatever they other devious underhanded means they can dream up but when it really does come down to road safety in such examples as the article lays or the worst culprit potholes, because there is no money in it for them they don’t really give a flying F**K period

  2. I my be able to pay my 5.4% council tax increase when “my when resources are available”
    When the grit bin has been refilled

  3. Utter political bullsh**, the Tory council can’t afford to pay the restocking teams because central govt have cut off their funding. Yet they still support the party that is shafting them at a local level. Unreal. Tories really are idiots.

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