Michael Fabricant
Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says he is delighted taxpayers’ money will not be wasted on a challenge to plans to give the Police and Crime Commissioner control of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. The Home Office had given the proposal for a change in governance the green light last month. Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis insisted firefighters “should not be unduly worried” by the plans, which would see the current Stafforshire Fire Authority abolished. Conservative MP Michael Fabricant – who has supported the decision to bring the fire service under the remit of the Police and Crime Commissioner – said he was pleased a costly challenge to the proposals had not been pursued. “I am relieved that the fire authority has decided not to waste even more taxpayers’ money by challenging the Home Secretary’s decision to merge the governance of the police and fire services,” he said. “They had been planning to call a judicial review into the decision which would have been very costly. “I have been disappointed with the Staffordshire Fire Authority over the years, from their management of fire stations to their aborted plans for a multi-million pound fire prevention ‘theme park’ in Stafford.
Matthew Ellis
“A monument to their incompetence has been the construction of a brand new fire station in Lichfield with fewer firefighting appliances. “I hope that under the guidance of Matthew Ellis, the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Staffordshire’s Fire Service will enjoy a renaissance.” Mr Fabricant had raised the issue of what he believes could be £10million saving from the merger in a House of Commons debate today (April 16). Home Secretary Amber Rudd replied: “I am grateful that it has been able to go through, and that the local authorities have accepted the independent advice we have received. “I hope Matthew Ellis, and all the other organisations involved, will make a great success of it.”


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6 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP relieved costly challenge to decision to switch fire service governance to Police and Crime Commissioner has been avoided”

  1. What is the issue to be resolved? What is the burning problem (excuse the pun) that requires SF&RS to come under the expanding remit of this TORY PCC?

    The fire station is too big? Something doesn’t add up and it’s a shame that Amber Rudd, who seems to be one of the few MPs with brain cells, probably doesn’t have enough information or local knowledge to put this pernicious pair on the naughty step.

    Perhaps the real reason is the previous attempt to reduce Lichfield to a retained service, which was hugely opposed by the populace, will be put on the table again. A few sincere looks from Mr Ellis and empty promises that the service won’t suffer and we’ll be on a retained service before you know it, with the Tories back-slapping each other about money saved.

    It’s funny how Mr Ellis has found another building to justify his expanding estate.

  2. Remember folks

    This is the politician who, in 2012, along with local Conservative councillors and their relations, was saying in the press that work was about to start on the long empty Greenwood House site in Burntwood! In fact Groundhog Day was repeated in the report on Lichfield Live in July last year by his supporter Mr Fabricant. https://tinyurl.com/y9bv3cu3.

    This was the politician who left Staffordshire Social Services in a worse place when he left.

    This is the politician who ensured the new Lichfield police station (the one in Chasetown is now closed) was built on Green Belt land.

    Does anyone remember voting for this Conservative politician to be in sole charge of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent’s Fire and Rescue Service?

  3. Fabricant was getting praise from Amber Rudd in parliament for his “local leadership” on this.
    I was genuinely surprised, as all the other alerts I get on his questions in the house have absolutely nothing to do with his constituency at all, at one point I thought he had moved to Wales such was his interest in its infrastructure and commerce.
    Lichfield votes him in, he gets paid £76K a year and we barely rate a mention. Mugs.

  4. The WM Mayor is Andy Street. He also shares a cottage in Wales with him, so natch these are his top priorities. Better yet; we still elect and pay this buffoon. Lichfield voters are mugs.

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