Anil Patel as Princeton in Avenue Q. Pic: Robert Yardley

Avenue Q is a show which could easily offend – audiences are warned it’s a musical strictly for the over 16s. But far from offending anyone, this Lichfield Operatic Society production had the audience laughing out loud at the antics of the humans and the puppets.

Anil Patel as Princeton in Avenue Q. Pic: Robert Yardley
Anil Patel as Princeton in Avenue Q. Pic: Robert Yardley

It’s a difficult show to tackle – humans operate, speak and sing for the puppets – but it was carried out with charm, immense talent and good old-fashioned enjoyment.

The huge cast made it a wonderful ensemble piece performed to perfection.

Anil Patel was just brilliant and fascinating to watch as he brought the puppet Princeton to life – a first rate performance. Lucy Follows as Princeton’s love interest Kate Monster, gave another great performance in her first role with Lichfield Operatic.

Kate Pinell’s interpretation of the Japanese ‘human’ Christmas Eve was just amazing – she was so funny – I loved every minute.

I always enjoy Pete Beck’s performances, but he excelled this time playing the puppet, Nicky. I loved the scenes with his puppet friend Rod – another achievement in a great role by Patrick Jervis.

There really are too many cast members to mention by name, but Adam Lacy as Brian, Aaron Morris as Gary Coleman and Lucy Surtees as Lucy the Slut more than added to the enjoyment of this show.

I must, however, congratulate Ben Foulds on his rough-voiced performance as Trekkie Monster. Will anyone in the audience ever forget his lead role in the showstopper ‘The Internet is for Porn’? We laughed ’til we cried. Hope the voice lasts out for the week, Ben.

A big pat on the back for all the cast and back stage crews and congratulations to Director James Pugh, Musical Director David Easto and Choreographer Charlotte Middleton.

If you want a good laugh and you’re not easily offended, the show runs until Saturday and is more than well worth seeing. In complete contrast, the company’s next production is My Fair Lady in September.