Michael Fabricant

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Lichfield’s MP says it’s important the UK understands Donald Trump’s motives for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. The US president shrugged off pleas from European nations by moving away from an agreement to waive sanctions in exchange for commitments on the curbing of nuclear capabilities. Trump had branded the deal “decaying and rotten”, saying it had failed to halt Iran’s development of ballistic missiles and had gifted the country a $100billion dollar “slush fund for weapons, terror and oppression”.
Michael Fabricant
A discussion in the House of Commons saw Lichfield’s Conservative MP Michael Fabricant ask Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson if he could “not at least understand the motivation of the United States Administration”. Mr Johnson replied: “We are of course working hand-in-glove with the United States, but we do believe that there were advantages in maintaining the discrete deal and stopping Iranian breakout. We thought that was a good idea. “We certainly share the general ambition across the House to constrain Iran’s malignant activity.” Mr Fabricant told LichfieldLive that while time would decide if the US move was the right one, the motives behind the withdrawal are clear. “I’m no fan of Trump, but it’s important to understand his motives,” the Conservative MP said. “The Iran agreement did not include their development of inter continental ballistic missiles nor their military expansionist activities in the region – the positive side effect of which has been the establishment of military cooperation between Israel and some Arab states – which has been incredibly destabilising. “It’s important therefore for us to understand President Trump’s motives for tearing up the agreement. It is to starve Iran of funds to develop their inter-continental ballistic missiles and to force them to sign more comprehensive peace agreements that will stabilise the Middle East and prevent war. “Only time will tell if Trump will be successful.”


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4 replies on “Lichfield MP believes UK must understand motives behind Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal”

  1. Mmm, I understand that starving any country and forcing them to sign more comprehensive terms will just get their backs up, would any normal person accept terms like that? Throw in a hardline government that hates the west particularly the USA. Iran has a political system with a president and a supreme leader guided by Shia Islamic ideology, those guys will hardly be breaking a sweat, it will strengthen their position.
    I accept the Brexit result, but I dont think we have to throw all caution to the wind and suck up to Trump, for a trade deal over international security. We are/were generally well regarded internationally for our diplomacy.
    This from the EU phobic MP who now wants us to leave the Eurovision song contest, he has gone mental! Fabricant should stick with his normal day job of doing very little for his constituents and sending profanity via twitter.

  2. Understand? From any other position that the man is an egotistical megalomaniac?

    Why would Iran consider any unilateral deal from the US that could easily be repealed by the next administration?

    If this is Fabricant’s level of analytical thinking on the global stage then it’s probably a good job he’s a backbencher, and an ineffectual one at that.

  3. This is what resonates with my way of thinking. With what is going on elsewhere (North Korea) and the means by which they have brought others to the table for negotiations, I would think that Iran (if they had one once of common sense) would see that the only way to get to talk at the top table is to carry on with their program to development of ballistic missiles, stick a nuclear war head up top and threaten to use it on America or American interests in the region.

    That seemed to work ok for “rocket man” a fact that I’m sure won’t escape the Ayatollahs attention.

    Without wanting to sound anti Semite , make no mistake this stand off is all about the balance of power in the region and so instigated by Israel who (IMO quite rightly) can not allow any of their neighbours to become a nuclear power.

    Just the way I see it Michael.

  4. “I’m no fan of Trump” says man who said Trump would make a “great president” and has defended him on other occasions when few others were.

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