The former Lichfield Foyer building. Pic: Google Streetview

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Two buildings in Lichfield could be demolished to make way for 29 new apartments for the over 55s.
The former Lichfield Foyer building. Pic: Google Streetview
Developers hope to knock down BlueBell House and Aiden Court to make way for the new homes. Planning permission has been submitted for 20 one bedroom and nine two bedroom “affordable” apartments. BlueBell House had previously been the home of Lichfield Foyer, a scheme designed to help young people live independently, which closed in 2016 due to funding cuts. Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

4 replies on “Former Lichfield Foyer building could be demolished to make way for ‘affordable’ apartments for over 55s”

  1. Lichfield summed up in one article. Funding cuts mean a vital service for young people to get half a chance at a decent start in life is axed. The replacement? Some cut price apartments for the retirement crowd.

    Tory town planning in action.

  2. Totally agree Wilf. Let’s build a load of apartments, right next to a doctors surgery that often takes months to get an appointment.

    Make them for the over 55’s. At some point, Lichfield will have no one between the ages of 18 – 50, who do not live with their parents. The rest will have been priced out.

    These would make a perfect location for young people to get their first home. Near trains and buses, so they would not need a car.

  3. Bluebell has been empty for 2 years and already appears to have been snapped up by planners yet this month the former Regal Cinema/Kwik Save building will be beginning its 11th year as an empty rotting iconic building something Lichfield is rapidly becoming riddled with however may I end by saying how pleased I am that the former Angel Croft Hotel finally appears to be in the process of a new lease of life as apartments

  4. The reason old buildings are being left to rot is because planning policy in the UK has changed to put the developers in pole position. Old historic buildings are not a quick and easy (or cheap) fix, so developers take a simpler option of knocking down buildings and throwing up cheap ‘LegoLand’ style blocks. Why waste your time with an expensive restoration when you can do a drag and drop development instead?

    There would have been a time when developers would have had to create buildings to match the character of the area; but now buildings such as the awful additions next door and opposite to The Friary and St John’s Hospital have been given the go-ahead it gives the ok for developers to cite them as a precedent showing why their similar box designs should be allowed. So instead of retaining the historic charm and character the city still attempts to trade on, what you get instead is a series of buildings that look like the next town.

    I don’t blame the local council on the planning issue; it’s the responsibility of successive governments (of both colours) who have eroded the powers, despite trumpeting devolution. Lichfield District Council has little to no power to halt developments, particularly now its funding is being cut back. Developers have deep pockets and even the threat of a legal challenge is too great a risk for councils hamstrung by an ever-decreasing funding pot.

    Welcome to modern Britain.

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