Dr Johnson's WikiWords

Two new episodes of Lichfield’s home-grown dramatic sitcom Dr Johnson’s WikiWords are to be staged next month.

Dr Johnson’s WikiWords
The latest instalment of Lichfield playwright Mal Dewhirst’s irreverent play will be performed by Fired Up Theatre at 6.30pm and 8pm on June 2 at the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum.

The theatrical sitcom kicked off in March with the first two episodes bringing the creation of Dr Johnson’s historic dictionary into the 21st Century with an imaginative clash of past and present, fact and fiction.

June’s episodes will see the revered literary giant panicking as he grapples with his latest task – producing the definitive edition of the complete works of Shakespeare.

Brush up your Shakespeare takes on a whole new meaning as Johnson takes an improving pen to the Bard’s work. Meanwhile, a cast of wily hangers-on, led by streetwise ‘cool dude’ James Boswell, seek to bamboozle and exploit the unsuspecting man of words.

A spokesperson said: “Will the hapless Johnson manage to avoid jail when he ‘crowdfunds’ his endeavours without acknowledging his patrons? And will his parasitic entourage get their come-uppance for cashing in on his name and fame?

“The audience won’t know which century they’re in as the dialogue segues seamlessly from Shakespearean English to Facebook slang, and the slapstick action combines period costumes with some very modern props.

“Paying homage to both Blackadder and Horrible Histories, the play provides plenty to enjoy for fans of Dr Johnson as well as those who are completely new to him.”

The third part of the sitcom, again consisting of two episodes, will take place on September 29. Although the performances follow on from each other, all are separate, stand-alone plays.

Tickets for the performance on June 2 are £10 each and can be booked by calling 01543 264972 or visiting the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum bookshop.