Lichfield District Council House

The deadline is approaching for potential councillors to nominate themselves ahead of a by-election in Lichfield.

The Curborough seat is up for grabs on both Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council following the death of Jeanette Allsopp in April.

Anyone interested in standing has until 4pm on Friday (June 8) to complete a nomination form.

The forms are available from, where more information about the process is also on offer.

If more than one person is nominated, by-elections will take place on July 5.

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5 years ago

I would like to nominate Kim Jong Un.

He is more into free speech and openness, then a lot of the current councillors.

Concerned Citizen
5 years ago

Why don’t some of the commentators on this site nominate themselves and influence action from within the camp. We need sensible people on the Council not the wizened old Tories who currently take the money whilst sitting on their hands.
Let the electorate show the Councillors that they need to listen more and take note of our concerns.

5 years ago

@CC. The problem is, there is only a very limited number of people who look at this site.

I talk to people about local issues and they are “how do you know that?”.

So many in Lichfield, have no idea what is going on. Problem is, they are happy being like that.

5 years ago

They’re also happy to carry on voting Tory because the Daily Fail and Scum tell them to.