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Council confident Local Plan Allocations document will allow for “measured and sympathetic” growth across Lichfield and Burntwood

Lichfield District Council says it is confident that a blueprint for the future will allow for growth in a “measured and sympathetic way”.

Lichfield District Council House

Lichfield District Council House

The local authority has submitted its revised Local Plan Allocations document to the Secretary of State.

It comes following a consultation that led to a number of changes, and covers issues such as housing and employment land allocations, as well as reviewing the policies used to decide planning applications.

Councillor Ian Pritchard, Cabinet member for economic growth, environment and development services, said: “We’re confident that our Local Plan Allocations document reflects local views and allows for growth across the district in a measured and sympathetic way.”

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  1. Darryl Godden

    7th June, 2018 at 8:29 am

    Deadline to response to this was the 11th of June, how is it possible that it has been submitted already and they’re confident they have all responses?

  2. Nellygb

    7th June, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Probably all done and dusted behind closed doors Darryl given this councils recent record on matters of great importance to the bill payers. (Yes Steve N I know it’s been out on the road but couldn’t resist a dig so don’t flame me)

  3. Philip Allso

    9th June, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    It’s dead easy Darryl. You should go to a Lichfield District Council Planning Meeting. All letters opposing are reduced to less than half a line in the report and if you apply to speak on an application then only one person can do it, limited to five minutes on a stop watch. The committee ignores these contributions anyway because an unelected officer of the council has decided what they must do and his recommendation is invariably accepted.
    It’s a new sort of democracy where they seem to go through a process but the outcome is already decided. I think it is sponsored by the Freemasons in committee before the actual meeting but for legal reasons this might need verification.

  4. John Griffiin

    12th June, 2018 at 9:25 am

    While this farce plays out, private landowners and developers are no doubt talking £££. When you see the huge amount of non-affordable housing being built, the ludicrous outdated retail ideas in a crashing market and the failure to secure decent infrastructure, you know that the idea of democratic control lies with the handful of councillors who can be bothered to turn up or even read material.

  5. Nellygb

    12th June, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    And we are going round the world forcing other countries to sign up to this brand of democracy. We only have to look at this to see how open and inclusive democracy is even at a local level. And then they wonder why people don’t give a shit. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes politics.